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15 Hours in Las Vegas

Well, it was a quick trip for work to see Montel Williams and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance new and improved "Help is Here Express" (a few new logos on the outside) bus. The press conference/commercial shoot were both amazing to watch and it was great to see my favorite (well okay, I like them all) bus staff. It was a busy day of coordinating our shuttle service throughout Las Vegas to the event site, handing out lunches to everyone that came, helping people learn more about the service and my favorite taking pictures (see below for a few). Finally, since Montel told me to, remember if you need help paying for your prescription medications go to and also check out his new book "Living Well with Montel". After the event we were off to Gordon Biersch for a great dinner, then back to Sacramento. All in all, just over 14 hours spent in Las Vegas and about 19 hours from the time I left my house to the time I returned.

Wind Storm 2008

Well, after about 10 days of hype, the 2008 Sacramento Windstorm came and went on Friday. With gusts of 60-70 miles an hour, lots of trees fell, some on houses, others in streets and just about everything else got moved around. As for my house, about 30 feet of fence fell, a few large branches fell off our redwoods and the backyard had about a foot of leaves and small branches all over it. The pictures below show it after we cleaned up, sorry I didn't get any before pictures.

A Quick Lodge Visit

Well, we went up to the Bradley Lodge for a few hours to see how it fared after its first set of renters. Surprisingly well, nothing was missing or broken (at least that we noticed). We also got to fire up the snowblower and clean off over 1 foot of new snow that had fallen onto our expansive deck, the only problem, but the time we finished, there was another inch of snow on the deck and by the time we left about an hour later, there was closer to 6 inches of new snow, o'well, I guess we'll have to go back. As we left the cabin we hit blizzard conditions on the 5 mile drive down to Arnold and decided to stop for some drinks and appetizers at Snowshoe Brewing Company to ride out some of the storm and to see how our good friends Erin and Eric were doing. The rest of the drive was filled with snow and rain, but luckily we made it home safely :-).