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Wedding Bells

I went to one of my friends from college weddings in Napa yesterday. I was a little worried about the smoke filling the air from the over 1,000 fires that are or were burning earlier this week in Northern California, but with a breeze clearing out the Napa Valley, the back drop of a centuries year old oak tree, grapevines and a golf course were beautiful. Sarah and I met while taking business classes together at Cal Poly and went to the Rec Center often to workout after that. Now she and her new husband will continue to live the good life in So-Cal. Congrats Sarah and Ryan!

Today I also found out another one of my friends and gym-mates got engaged, so I guess "Wedding Bells" are in the air.

The Roof is Done

The roof is finally finished and we have DirectTV back, yes life is good. Below are a few pictures taken during the destruction and construction.

The Shore ...

A quick video about what I do on most Thursday's nights.

Bayside's "The Shore"

Street View

So this week we realized that the "Google Street View" cars came to Sacramento a few months ago. They took a picture of our house the day we were packing up the Budget truck to move up to the Bradley Lodge. Hopefully they come back and take a picture of our new roof some time. The other picture is the front of my office building. Read Sacramento Bee story.

Every 15 Seconds ...

In high school a program called "Every 15 Minutes" came to my school. It showed in a real way that "every 15 minutes, someone dies of an alcohol related collision." Tonight, I was again reminded of an even greater tragedy affecting our world, HIV/AIDS. As you may remember, I wrote about "World Vision Experience: AIDS - Step into Africa" exhibit a few months ago, this time I actually got to go and experience it for myself. I followed the young life of Babiyre, a young girl who watched her father die of AIDS, watched her mother battle the illness and then was diagnosed with HIV. To read more about Babiyre and the tour read this story from the Modesto Bee. To read about the current exhibit in Folsom read this Sacramento Bee story.

We may not be able to change the world all at once, but each of us can change the world one life at a time. If you have the resources, sponsor a HopeChild through World Vision or another relief organization. We are so fortunate in A…

The Simple Life

After spending the weekend at the Bradley Lodge, complete with chain sawing, hedge trimming and cutting "dead wood" from the hundreds of trees on the property, it was time to come back to Sacramento and the "Bradley House." At the Bradley House I mowed the lawn and vacuumed the house, then we cleaned the trailer that we have been using to take 15 loads of dead wood and pine needles from the Lodge to the local yard waste recycler (Rowley's). Monday we officially found out that the Bradley House would be getting a new roof, beginning on Wednesday. That means my parents and I put plastic over everything in our attic and took the satellite off the roof. Yes, that means I will be leading the "simple life," with antenna TV only for the next week or so.