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Bowling, Branding and Bradley Lodge

It's not ever Friday that I get to go bowling in Rocklin (cause I do it every Friday in Napa, right?), help support the launch of a new K-LOVE radio station in Sacramento and head to the Bradley Lodge. So last Friday was pretty special. It started off with bowling at Strikes for our staff appreciation day. Next it was off to the launch event of 99.5 FM in Sacramento, while also donating school supplies to the Salvation Army. After that I stopped at the Sacramento Business Journal to pick up some copies of the paper for a client and then headed to my parents' house and the Bradley Lodge.

At the Lodge we did a fair amount of relaxing, while also cleaning after a few sets of renters and building a set of stairs/terraces off our lower deck. We also headed up Highway 4 to see where the Ramsey Fire had burned, visited Lake Alpine and went to see a friend's cabin that has no running water or electricity. Sunday we made two wine tasting stops, Brice Station and Ironstone Vineyard…

From Donuts and Sunrises to Happy Hours in Two Cities

Getting up early has its benefits, the main one ... driving to the gym and admiring the sunrise, the other exercising and staying fit so I can keep eating tasty foods. The last week has been no exception. I've gone to the gym every morning, plus taken advantage of some of the local restaurants. Sierra Printing brought donuts, I had three. I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with a reporter from the Roseville Press-Tribune and then got to hang out with my favorite family after church at Chili's (note I went with a healthy salad). I also made time to eat almost a pound of froyo at OMG Yogurt. Yesterday I took a surprise trip to Napa  to meet with the team from The Meritage Resort, but we did something I rarely get to do because of my schedule ... we dined on food off the property. We started with a few drinks at Fish Story and then tried some appetizers and drinks from the brand new Thomas House Restaurant on their rooftop patio.

Circus Vargas and the Napa Life

After reading Water for Elephantslast year I was inspired to see a circus one day soon, when Circus Vargas came to town I had my opportunity. Although they don't have animals, the acrobatics and other acts were all spectacular and brought smiles to everyone in the audience.

After the circus and my dinner at Little Ceasers it was time to get ready for a quick weekend trip to Napa to help with a filming of a reality show at The Meritage Resort and Spa. Between takes I had some time to spend with my parents and grandma who came to share my hotel room, eat and even hang out by the newly enhanced pool.

Crush 29, Yard House, The Fountains and More Eating

First, I noticed that I forgot to post some pictures about my visits to Skipolini's Pizza in Rocklin and Ginger's in Roseville.

With two successful live cooking segments this week for Denio's I rewarded myself with two Happy Hours. Monday I was off to Crush 29 for beer, fish tacos, ahi, Napa peach pizza and sliders. Friday, I headed to the Fountains for more sliders with truffle fries, ahi and beer at Yard House. We finished our night by enjoying the First Friday event featuring classic cars, numerous vendors, tacos at the soon to open Zocolo and gelato at Miabello. Sunday I headed to On the Border with my parents for grande margaritas and a tasty burrito. There was also getting my office into the Olympic spirit by decorating my giant picture of London and some running, my favorite part of the trail had been closed for more than two months and it finally opened on Monday!