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Yard House at the Fountains in Roseville

With my mom and a few family members at the Bradley Lodge, my dad and I headed to the Yard House in Roseville for dinner tonight. With a beer list and menu of 130+ items each, there are plenty of choices for everyone. The island bar in the center of the restaurant is among the longest I have ever seen and has three miles of beer lines overhead that deliver each beer from a keg storage room to the bar and into waiting glasses.

We decided that for our first visit, we would try it all ... well at least have a few courses.

Beers: Big Sky Moose Drool and Grand Teton Bitch Creek ESB (Extra Special Bitters)

Starter/Snack: Sweet Potato Fries with creamed maple bacon dip

Main Courses:
Surf & Turf - Swiss Cheese, grilled asparagus, Maine lobster sauteed in garlic sautéed in garlic butter, tomato béarnaise

Spicy Jambalaya - blackened jumbo shrimp, spicy chicken–andouille sausage, red and pasilla peppers pan blackened with sweet crawfish and cajun tomato cream sauce served with linguini pasta, ja…


After vacuuming my house for two years and never really liking the vacuum I embarked on a quest to find the "perfect" replacement. This was spurred on by cleaning my old vacuum and noticing that it still wasn't picking up obvious dirt on the carpets (thread for example) and attending a mom blogger panel ... yes one mentioned vacuums. Knowing that I wasn't going to be purchasing a Dyson (I'm not a millionaire), I asked the mom blogger what type of vacuum she used regularly and asked a friend that owns a house cleaning business what he recommended. Both said the Eureka AirSpeed. I did some online research and found that Walmart had the basic model for $99, Lowes had the medium version for $119 and Target had the "high end" model for $129. Needless to say, I went for the high end version.

I vacuumed for the first time with the new vacuum today and it was amazing. The Eureka AirSpeed picked up enough dirt and dust to fill up the container, even finding a fe…

BBQ with Family

A few months ago my cousin and her husband purchased a new house in Roseville and today they invited the family to an open house and BBQ. Four huge tri-tips, chicken and some other goodies made for a great meal and great time with family members from as far away as Texas.

Team In Training

Although I'm not a professional runner, I do enjoy running and exercising regularly. I have known about Team in Training since volunteering during the Wildflower Triathlon while attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Each year they would bring a hundreds of runners, swimmers and bikers to the event and as part of my volunteering I would set up tents for their team.

The Sacramento Chapter of Team In Training, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society participates in dozens of events each year and currently have some openings for all females wanting to run in October's Nike Women's Marathon. The event is sold out to the public, but if you run through Team in Training, they will get you registered and help you train.  Not only will you help raise money for a great cause, you will get to run by some of San Francisco's most famous sights ... Coit Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and every woman's favorite ... Ghiradelli Square. Although no chocolat…

Biking Around Roseville

My roommate and I decided to take a little adventure when we picked up his car this morning. He got on his skateboard and I took my bike on a 7 mile trek to his office. Since we didn't get run over by any cars on the way, I continued on my bike ride and chose to go on a few roads that I had never been on. I crossed over Highway 65 from Rocklin and rode out to Thunder Valley Casino and turned left where I found the Placer County Landfill. Although I didn't go in, I've always wondered where it was and love the fact that Roseville has the "One Big Bin" program. That basically means that all of my trash and recyclables go into a single bin, then they sort it once it gets to the landfill (video below). The 19 mile bike ride was a great workout and a good way to see new the "sights."

Bike Ride!

Although I enjoy weekends away at the Bradley Lodge, I also enjoy spending time at my house, heading to a weekend service at Bayside and hanging out with friends. This weekend I did just that. I started the weekend off by having dinner with a friend and his family at their house. Then on Saturday made myself a waffle before heading out to Folsom Lake for a bike ride. The lake was so full we had to make a few detours and it definitely provided for some views of the lake I don't think I have ever seen ... like water around parking lots that normally offer more bike trails.

After the bike ride (and a shower) I headed to Bayside where I heard a great message and American War Hero LTG (Ret) William G. Boykin speak. His story is amazing and he has been a part of many of the nations most spectacular military achievements ... even taking a little bit of credit for killing Osama Bin Laden.

For dinner I decided to go to Chick-Fil-A to try their summer specialty ... a peach milkshake. It was …

Happy 4th of July from the Bradley Lodge

This weekend at the Bradley Lodge has been one filled with activity and relaxation. Friday night we arrived, ate some pizza and finished out the night with a game of dominoes. On Saturday my mom had a childhood friend come up to the lodge, while Cortney and I headed to the pool for some tanning, reading and swimming. Saturday evening we were off to Ironstone Vineyards to see Shane Dwight (although not a wedding singer, he and his band did play at my brother's wedding in 2004) and of course some awe inspiring fireworks, while drinking a few bottles of wine and playing Speed Scrabble.

Sunday Cortney and I headed to Big Trees State Park to see some of California's largest trees - she's a teacher, so it was a research trip, since the kids will be doing a unit on trees. When we came back to the Lodge from some relaxation time, Pinochle and of course more eating :-). To cap off the evening we looked at tons of pictures of weddings, events and previous 4th of July's.