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A Weekend at Fort Bradley

Although I wouldn't call it a typical weekend at Fort Bradley, it was a weekend filled with fun, laughter and guests. Saturday started out with me putting together a brand new piece of furniture from IKEA to hold an Eiffel Tower to fill an empty corner of my living room (it is where the Christmas tree goes one month a year). The rest of the day Saturday was spent with friends, working out at the gym, going to Bayside and buying a few bottles of wine at Sam's Club. Sunday started out with a pancake breakfast with my roommate and a friend, then we started watching football, drinking wine and ordered Round Table for lunch. Before the nacho course I decided to invite my favorite family with seven kids over to watch the 49er game. Once they arrived we enjoyed nachos, more pizza and more wine. Although my house got slightly messier than normal, it was great to host so many friends. The only thing that would have made it better ... a 49er victory.

SOPA Blackout

Tell Congress to Stop SOPA and PIPA. See what websites are going dark today, including Wikipedia.

Five Moves in One Year

No, I'm not talking about college, I'm talking about my office. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed every move. The first move was from an office in Rocklin to our current office in Roseville. The second was from my original office to a slightly larger one. Two weeks ago we decided to move some things around and see if a new open office layout worked for us. Although it was workable for me, we decided to make another switch to better increase productivity among all staff. I moved back into an office and now I'm all set, even got to go to IKEA again.


Last year we were skiing at this time. We did 25 runs in just four hours at Bear Valley. There were many feet of snow at the Bradley Lodge and we enjoyed hanging out with friends. This weekend, we still hung out with friends, but instead of skiing or using the snow blower, we raked pine needles. Although this will save time come spring when we have to clear our lot for fire safety, it was a little odd being able to see the ground and rake in January. We didn't see dirt in 2011 until May. Beyond raking my mom and grandma organized the kitchen cupboards and painted the some of the trim on the Bradley Lodge green, it looks great. Now we're thinking about adding some stone to the front of the Lodge to add some extra beauty.