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So, I'm not really a regular Oprah viewer, but I watched today's show since part of it was filmed last week in Sacramento by Lisa Ling. Although it didn't show Sacramento's best side, it showed a real side of not only Sacramento, but our nation. Everyday thousands of American's have no place to call home. Thousands of kids have no place to do their homework, many sleep in shelters, others sleep in tent cities or on the streets. I spent one (somewhat controlled) night on the streets of Sacramento outside of the Salvation Army a few years ago, it was an interesting experience and gave me some perspective on what others are facing, but I honestly have no way of feeling what they feel. I don't have a solution to the problem and I'm not even going to give a suggestion, just remember, this recession has many stories and many faces.

Sacramento Bee story from my experience on the streets ...'It's hard out there'
A night on the streets teaches teens the tr…

New Car

I got a new car this weekend. Goodbye 1996 Honda Accord and hello 2007 Ford Escape XLT. It's got a lot of cool features and only seems to get 2 or 3 less mpg than the Honda + it has all wheel drive which is helpful, since the Lodge seems to have gotten a few feet of snow in the last few days. Other than the whole, buying a car thing (and all of the negotiations and sleazy sales people), it was a great weekend spent with friends and family.

A great time at the Lodge

Although on a calendar it was only a few days at the Lodge (Friday through Sunday afternoon), it seemed like so much longer and that is a good thing. On Friday everyone arrived, my family, Luke, his aunt, two grandma's and great grandma, all of the cousins and Cortney. We ate some pizza and had fun playing games around the table before calling it a night. Saturday many of us went to Bear Valley for some skiing and snowboarding, while others hung out at the Bradley Lodge, relaxing, taking hikes around the neighborhood and playing with Luke. Saturday night we sat down to a lovely taco soup dinner, although "spud and tater" were in our thoughts as their mom flew to UCSF. We finished the night with some Scene It trivia and Imagine If. Sunday we ate (surprise, we are really good at that when at the Lodge, it's kind of like cruising without the chance of sea-sickness), cleaned and all had safe drives to our homes throughout Northern California.

Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl Sunday ... that means football, food and of course commercials - for some reason it's the one time of year we don't actually change channels or fast forward during the commercial breaks (although it is one of the few times a network can make $261 million in a day from commercials).

Although I don't know which will be the best, here's one from Pedigree (visit Hulu to vote for your favorite commercial during the game).

In other news ... the Shore 1000 is coming on March 19th, so if you've always said, "I should really come to Bayside," but don't want to do it until Thursday, March 19th, here's your chance (although you're welcome to come before that too).