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Food and Wine

My life does involve some excellent food and wine thanks to an amazing job that has put me in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. There are nods to the past with a classic car show in downtown Napa or visiting some of most historic wineries in Napa ... Inglenook and Schramsberg  (some of their caves were hand dug by Chinese workers after they finished the transcontinental railroad in 1870) and the new, but still filled with history, like Darioush. There was eating out at restaurants like Bounty Hunter and Farmstead. There was a stop at Dean & DeLuca for some sweets, beer at Hop Creek, and BBQ from The Shed. There was also lots of work ... it took two full days of shooting for a one minute video, but "We've Been Expecting You" turned out amazing thanks to a talented team of "actors" and a production team that is among the best I've worked with. I even left Napa once to go to a concert in Concord with Hillsong, Kari Jobe and so many others who w…