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Backyard Beginnings

Well, it's far from done, but my backyard has gone from dirt to dirt with concrete (thanks to Integrity Landscaping). The pergola arrives tomorrow (Wednesday) via UPS and I am hoping to start building the retaining wall, put in rock, decomposed granite, plants, bark and a drip system this weekend. In a week or so I will then put the pergola together and then backyard will (hopefully) be done.

Backyard Design

Well, with the inside "done" and waiting for roommates to move in at the end of June and early July, I have finalized the plans for the backyard. Now, I just have to hope they get approved so that I can get to work and replace the current dirt and weeds with a backyard fit to entertain and relax. Once approved the yard will have a great variety of plants, trees and shrubs, a few different ground covers, a stamped concrete patio and a pergola from my favorite store (Costco).
Current backyard (not much):
"Blue print" that my parents neighbor helped me with:

Inside Finished?

I know that I'm saying this a little too soon, but I think the inside of Fort Bradley is now (pretty much) complete. Yes things will still get moved around and new stuff will have to be added (including roommates), but everything has taken shape and now each room looks like it should, a "sophisticated bachelor pad." Thank you to everyone who has made this possible from friends to family to neighbors, it has been great so far and I look forward to everyone enjoying many gatherings here in the coming months and years. The backyard will be the next project, hopefully starting that in the next month or so.

Pictures taken today are below.