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It may have been a busy week, but it was a very successful week. Thursday was by far the busiest day, with my work day starting at 3 am and ending somewhere around 9 pm. The "Healthy You! Health Fair on the West Steps of the State Capitol was a huge success with at least 400-450 people coming to see the 20 health and community organizations represented and to pick up their very own copy of a new health resource guide "A Healthy You!"

Next it was off to setup the Healthy You! booth at Black Expo 2008 and finally off to win some awards at the 21st Annual SPRA Cappies. I came home with an award for my work on the Karen Gaffney Tahoe Challenge and numerous awards for the work my team and I did for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Friday I was able to continue to hand out health related information at Black Expo 2008, including my favorite brochure of all time, "Nutrition in the Fast Lane" a guide that gives all the nutrition facts for fast food restaura…

It's going to be busy

With just one week left before I head to Disney World and all of the other Orlando area attractions, it will be a busy week. Thursday, I will be helping to launch "A Health You! America's Guide to Healthy Living" with a health fair at the State Capitol, with about 20 booths, so that should be really exciting. Thursday continues with setting up for the Black Expo, which I will also attend on Friday, then it's time to go to the Cappie Awards, where I hope to win some awards for all of my hard work on the Partnership for Prescription Assistance bus tours and of course my pro bono project - the Karen Gaffney Tahoe Challenge - that I'm sure you all remember reading about in an earlier post. While all of this is happening I will also be continuing to plan the May Partnership for Prescription Assistance California bus tour, which is always fun.
So that's what I am looking forward too ... now for the past ....
Easter was fantastic, I spent it with my family (and nephew…

Thrive 2008

Thrive 2008 will be a great Christian Conference, April 23-25 @ Bayside in Granite Bay. Let me know if you're interested in coming, I have a discounted rate ($149) for friends.

Happy St. Patrick's Day (well Week, I guess)

Depending on if you listen to the Pope or not, St Patrick's Day was either on Friday (March 14) or will be on it's regular day, March 17, so Happy St Patrick's Day Week everyone. Despite giving people reason to be Irish for 4 straight days, it is always good to remember the real reason for this week, it's Holy Week and at churches across the country and around the world millions will remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. With "Palm Sunday" upon us, we enter a week of remembrance and reflection on everything He lived and died for, celebrating Good Friday and finally Resurrection Sunday (Easter), as I mentioned in an earlier post, if you don't have a church to go to, come to Bayside, where you can celebrate Easter Sunday as early as Thursday if you want :-).

In other news .... my parents are in Mexicali with First Covenant Church, they are doing well and you can keep track of the group of about 115 students and adults on the Mexicali…

20 Questions ....

Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor at Bayside, gave a talk at The Shore on the 20 questions to ask before you get married. Since they were so good, I decided to scan my notes and put them on the blog for all to read.

Christmas Cruise 2008

It's official, the 2008 Family Christmas Cruise will be happening! The Liberty of the Seas by Royal Caribbean will be setting sail with the Bradley, Roberts, Stanley, Ames and other last name families in December to Eastern Caribbean ports of Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Labadee, Haiti. It will be a great time to continue hanging out with Luke (who will be 14 months old when we set sail) and to hang out with the rest of the family, from 5 states (California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Texas). We still have rooms available, so if you have always wanted to go on a cruise with the last names listed above, now is your chance :-).

Experience Easter at Bayside ...

Easter is just a few weeks away. So I wanted everyone to know that you're invited to "Experience Easter at Bayside" March 20-23, some services even include breakfast :-).


Although postponed by a week because of blizzard conditions and almost postponed again because of a potential storm, I finally made it back to Sierra-At-Tahoe. This time it was with Kristen, my cube neighbor at Perry Communications Group, and her good friend Grace. It was a beautiful day to ski and snowboard. Everyone did very well and there were no major injuries, so that was good. It was Grace's first time on a snowboard and she was already in lesson 3, I was in lesson 2 when I tried a few weeks ago, so she did very well. Kristen also did well, as you can see in the slideshow. It was a great time had by all, and hopefully it won't be the last trip of the season, but with the sun coming out more and more this year, it just might have been.