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From Napa to Roseville to SLO and Santa Barbara

Sometimes life is a drive. First there was a run though, my longest one ever, 13.1 miles with a brand new pair of shoes ... I quickly got those calories back with dinner at Monk's Cellar and dessert at Rita's. Then I was off to Napa where I gave a property tour to some guests. I always love a good reason to walk around the property and in our vineyards, it's pretty no matter the time of year. The next day I was off to Arkenstone Vineyards, it was beautiful and their wines were really good too. Back in Roseville there were dessert waffles and my first meal at Moo Moo's Burger Barn after a run, visit to the gym, and church at Hillside.

Then my official road trip began ... my parents and I began in Lodi before heading to Paso Robles for a little wine tasting and a tour (and beer tasting) at Firestone Brewery. I think we should be the new quality control team. We then spent a couple of days in my college town, San Luis Obispo. It was fun to be back, eat at a few great resta…

Lobster, Bacon, and Opus

It's odd to say it was a typical week when you work 16-18 hours a day, but still get to do some amazing things. It started off with lobster and brownies at home, then progressed to brunch at Sacramento's Bacon & Butter, followed by wine tasting at Bogle Vineyards. There was church at Bayside with a guest speaker from Duck Dynasty, Korie Robertson, a few long runs, and even a spur of the moment dinner with friends at the new Old Town Pizza in Roseville.

Napa also had its share of fun ... a trip to the magnificent Opus One Winery for a tasting and tour with the winemaker. Dinner at Siena to try a few of the new menu items, our new culinary team continues to amaze me. Lunch at Crush to try out the new wings (tasty), and even a little cocktail testing.
Pictures for those with iPads.