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Halloween 2009

Fort Bradley had its first “trick or treaters” and was even called "the cool house" by a few young creatures, which is always a good sign. Before the kids came in costume we headed out to Dave's Pumpkin Patch in West Sacramento (which if you could swim across the Sacramento River, is directly across from my parent's house) for some Corn Maze fun and I went on a few Mountain Bike Rides with a new group I found through Facebook and Meetup around Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma.

In other news Royal Caribbean's newest ship set sail this week, the Oasis of the Seas is heading from its ship yard in Finland to Florida this week and will be on Good Morning America on November 20th, so set your DVRs (or wake up early), because this ship (floating metropolitan city is probably a better term) is truly amazing.

Also a reminder that Social Media Weekend is this coming Friday and Saturday, if you want to learn about Twitter and everything else, this is the place to be.

Where Have I Been ....

Well as many throughout Roseville (and especially my roommates) know, I have not been at Fort Bradley much over the past few weeks. About two weeks ago my brother called my mom and me saying he needed some help as they were moving out of their Mountain View house and into their Redwood City house. My mom and I helped paint over beautiful wall colors with a very ugly white in every room of the house and shampooed the carpets over the next two days.

That Friday we headed back from Redwood City, picked my Dad up in Livermore, traded cars in Sacramento, went back to Lodi and headed to the Bradley Lodge for the weekend. We stopped at the world famous Murphys Hotel (Mark Twain did a lot of work there) for my Dad's birthday and then enjoyed a great weekend at the Lodge. I was then in Roseville for a few hours before heading back to Redwood City to help unpack, organize, shop and build (O, how I loathe IKEA) furniture. While shopping with everyone, including Luke, I realized that not only …


While attending The Shore's fall retreat, "Rumors," in the Santa Cruz Mountains this weekend, I not only got to hang out with friends, I got to go to some of my favorite places, Santa Cruz and Capitola. The retreat was a great opportunity to listen to Glenn Packiam speak about his book Secondhand Jesus: Trading Rumors of God for a Firsthand Faith and meet people, while also getting me close to the coast. On Friday we spent some time walking around Santa Cruz, taking pictures of a very empty (and closed on weekdays) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, while also getting a picture of the house my family used to rent every summer near Seabright Beach. Saturday afternoon a large group of us decided that we should check out the world famous "Mystery Spot" and then headed to Capitola's "Pizza My Heart" for some great pizza. After a late night camp fire and s’more making session we went back to Capitola on Sunday to spend more time walking around Capitola Villag…

Happy 38th Anniversary!

In a day and age when only 20% of couples make it past their 35th anniversary (not sure how accurate that is, but I'm going to go with it), my parents have been married for 38 years today! They were married on this date in 1971, since then they have been through a lot (see last year's post) of good times and I'm sure many bad times, but they are still together and are amazing parents to my brother and me and great grandparents to my nephew, Luke.

There is not much to say, other than thank you for everything mom and dad. Thank you for staying together and thank you for being so supportive. Thank you for helping with my new house, thank you for raising me the way you did. Thank you.