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Park, Alehouse and Sac Republic Soccer

I was incredibly busy with multiple work projects this week, but I managed to find time to have fun too (mainly by sacrificing sleep and running). I started off by staying at my parent's house after celebrating Easter in Lodi with our extended family since my niece and nephews also came to Sacramento for a few days. We ate well and tried out Taco Bell's dessert taco shells ... they were okay and the kids had fun with them, but other than looking like chocolate taco shells, I'm not sure they had enough chocolate taste. On Tuesday everyone came to Roseville and we met my cousins at Yard House for lunch. They stayed for a little while longer to ride the train and watched the fountains, before visiting my cousin's house for the first time and meeting her baby. After that they all came to my house for snacks and a walk to a huge playground/park near my house.

On Friday I found out that Skippy wanted to use some of my peanut butter pictures, which was cool ... I do love pean…

Celebrating Birthdays and Easter

Ithas been a busy two weeks of birthdays, traveling, Easter, running and eating. I started off eating Mac & Cheese with friends, complete with a sundae from Chick-Fil-A, went to church for Palm Sunday (granted it was Saturday night), then enjoyed baked cabbage and Dickey's for dinner. On Palm Sunday I went to Sam's Club and Costco to start looking for glasses and ended up getting a couple of pairs at Costco, before heading to my brother's house to celebrate my nephew and mom's birthdays. After fish tacos, wine and cake on Sunday night, we went to Rubio's for more fish tacos on Monday before heading to Stanford Medical Center with my grandma for some quick tests (all is well). On the way home, we stopped at WinCo for my favorite fried chicken and potato wedges (I wouldn't want my mom to have to cook on her birthday).

Once back to my house, I was busy planting my garden for the spring/summer, and got to have lunch with a former colleague at Smashburger ... Pe…

Peanut Butter, Fish Tacos, Friends, and Doctors

I think it can safely be said that almost everything goes better with peanut butter and, if you know me, I will add it to almost anything for any meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, ... ). This week I tried a few new ways thanks to Facebook. I added it to oatmeal (along with bananas and craisins), plus made a quesadilla, also adding bananas (this would be better with dark chocolate peanut butter ... I'll have to do that next time for a dessert).

I also found time to run and have friends over a few times for some spectacular semi-homemade fish tacos. Using some gourmet fish sticks, we added a yogurt salsa dressing, fresh cabbage, pico de gallo, fresh guacamole, and cheese. All I can say ... two of us liked them enough to have them again two days later with another friend.

With a weekend full of friends, food and work, Monday brought more work, my first doctor appointment in about a year (might as well make use of the expensive healthcare I now have to pay for), plus a tr…

Kid-Sitting Around the World

It was a crazy week of traveling around the world, but all I had to do was head to my brother's house with my mom to kid-sit my two nephews and niece in Redwood City. After I finished up with Good Day Sacramento, my mom and I headed to the Livermore Premium Outlets (shopping and quick break so I could work) and then kept going to Redwood City. My brother and his wife left for a quick trip to Europe Friday morning, and my mom, dad and I took care of the kids, while also giving them a taste of other parts of the world.
Before I get to the tour around the world, I also must say we did lots of other fun things. There were swim lessons, taking kids to school (and picking them up), Opening Day Ceremonies for Little League, complete with mascots from the San Francisco Giants, the San Jose Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and the Oakland A's, fireworks, and a whole lot of kids with their parents. My dad and I also took the nephews to see The Lego Movie, my mom and I went to martial arts cl…