Park, Alehouse and Sac Republic Soccer

I was incredibly busy with multiple work projects this week, but I managed to find time to have fun too (mainly by sacrificing sleep and running). I started off by staying at my parent's house after celebrating Easter in Lodi with our extended family since my niece and nephews also came to Sacramento for a few days. We ate well and tried out Taco Bell's dessert taco shells ... they were okay and the kids had fun with them, but other than looking like chocolate taco shells, I'm not sure they had enough chocolate taste. On Tuesday everyone came to Roseville and we met my cousins at Yard House for lunch. They stayed for a little while longer to ride the train and watched the fountains, before visiting my cousin's house for the first time and meeting her baby. After that they all came to my house for snacks and a walk to a huge playground/park near my house.

On Friday I found out that Skippy wanted to use some of my peanut butter pictures, which was cool ... I do love peanut butter after all (now I just need free samples). My cousin, her husband, their daughter and I also headed up to Auburn for my first visit to the Auburn Alehouse. We were in need of burgers and they had great ones, plus beers and sweet potato fries.

After an afternoon full of errands including going to Costco to get my glasses adjusted (after one week of wearing them I always figure out what needs adjusted again after the initial fitting) and the gym, my parents and I headed to Hughes Stadium for the Sacramento Republic FC's inaugural home game. Since there was no tailgating allowed, we ate our L&L meals in the car before heading in to the stadium filled to capacity with more than 20,000 soccer fans (it was good that we ate in the car too ... the food lines were very long). Although the team didn't win, the enthusiasm in the stands for soccer was amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing what the fans and the team have in store for the rest of the season, especially once they start playing in their stadium at Cal Expo in June.
Pictures for those with iPads.


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