Perspectives 2012 and Elevendy

Thursday was a day of business and networking. I started off at the Sacramento Convention Center hearing five amazing speakers, all with a different perspective at the Sacramento Metro Chamber's Perspectives 2012. What did I learn from listening to Peter Sheahan, Arianna Huffington, Vicente Fox, Howie Long and Dick Cheney? In a sentence, to continually innovate, ask questions and strive for change. Yes some focused on business, others on politics and their personal story, but it all broke down to looking at a situation from a new perspective and not settling for the status quo, even in the face of opposition. Perhaps the most inspirational quote of the day came from former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox ... "The American Dream is better termed a Dream of the Americas. We all share it." Arianna Huffington also had a good one, "Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a stepping stone to success."

After Perspectives I headed back out to Roseville to a long-time friend's office grand opening celebration. Elevendy does some amazing graphic design and computer animation work, so I knew the party had to be great, the office space chic and most importantly I had no idea what to expect. I was not disappointed, Drewski's provided sandwiches, there was plenty of delicious pizza, the office space was amazing, the Sacramento King's Dancers (the King's are a client), photo booths were set up (they're going to make me look cool within the next few weeks) and there were lots of people to meet, while I was also able to reconnect with some people I hadn't seen since high school. The most creative part of the evening, beyond the fastest street legal car in Roseville that gave a few rides ... the party favor ... swords or machetes, I went with the very useful machete. I never know when I'll be shipped off to a remote corner of the Amazon and need it.


brian smith said…
Hey Andrew, it was great meeting and chatting with you at the Elevendy event. Stay safe with that machete!
Katpacheino said…
I really wanted to attend #Perspectives2012. Glad you went, enjoyed your recap. Also, I agree with you on the machete choice for the Amazon. Yes, very needed there! ;-)

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