Getting Ready to Cruise

It's been more than a year in the making. The packing is complete (Thanks Cortney), my car miraculously fit in my parents three car garage (yes we got three cars in a three car garage) and we completed 24 hours of travel from Sacramento to Denver to Toronto to Frankfurt to Barcelona. We even figured out how to fit 10 bags and five people (plus the driver and a few more bags) into a taxi. Although we made it, United tried to make it difficult by delaying our check-in at the counter in Sacramento, delaying our flight out of Denver for an hour (due to weight, but their website said weather) and finally by failing to give us boarding passes for our connecting flight to Germany, they nearly got us stuck in Canada. Once we made it to Lufthansa we were happy travelers ... all the wine we could drink (for free), tasty food (for airplanes), bathrooms that were downstairs and a personal TV screen for movies, although I read for most of the flight.


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