Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunrises, Wine, and a Little Fun

I've been running a lot lately. 167 miles in September and 133.5 so far in October, it gives me a chance to get outside and away from a computer screen for an hour ... and most importantly it allows me to see sunrises and the beauty that is the Napa Valley (it may also allow me to eat some really good food and have a few glasses of wine every so often). Beyond the running over the last month or so I got a new TV (it's huge), went to Bouchon Bakery for the first time, headed back to Roseville for the first time since I moved (tacos at Chandos were a must), went to CANVAS events at Ehlers Estate and the Napa Valley Museum, headed to check out the Napa Wine Yacht and saw the sunset at Kieu Hoang in Carneros. My parents came to Napa for a winemaker dinner with Robert Mondavi Winery, then we headed to Healdsburg for a tasting at VML (great Pinot Noirs) where one of our family friends works. As we headed back to Napa we did a quick drive by Trefethen Vineyards (we'll have to taste there soon) and had a lovely lunch along the Napa River at The Pear Southern Bistro. In the last week I went to see my brother and his family in Santa Cruz, had a wine tasting and tour at Luna Vineyards (they specialize in all Italian wines), helped our culinary team for a special dinner with Veuve Clicquot, and helped Napa Valley CanDo with a little trash cleanup project.
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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Food and Wine

My life does involve some excellent food and wine thanks to an amazing job that has put me in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. There are nods to the past with a classic car show in downtown Napa or visiting some of most historic wineries in Napa ... Inglenook and Schramsberg  (some of their caves were hand dug by Chinese workers after they finished the transcontinental railroad in 1870) and the new, but still filled with history, like Darioush. There was eating out at restaurants like Bounty Hunter and Farmstead. There was a stop at Dean & DeLuca for some sweets, beer at Hop Creek, and BBQ from The Shed. There was also lots of work ... it took two full days of shooting for a one minute video, but "We've Been Expecting You" turned out amazing thanks to a talented team of "actors" and a production team that is among the best I've worked with. I even left Napa once to go to a concert in Concord with Hillsong, Kari Jobe and so many others who were part of the Outcry Tour. There was also a Champagne (yep from France) tasting with Veuve Clicquot (dinner with them on October 21), a Labor Day Tailgate with some coworkers (yes those are USA shaped hamburgers on the grill), and a spectacular winemaker dinner with Arkenstone in the vineyards behind the resort. Not one to shy away from challenges, my mom followed up with an equally tasty steak dinner under the pergola on a beautiful evening.  And now we're starting some construction of our own ... more to come in 2018.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Running and Silver Oak

This month I've made it a goal to start running more (my goal for the year was to run an average of two miles a day ... with the move I kind of took 3 months off). I found a running group so I have been running with them a few days a week and also have been running in the mornings before work on my own. It's been great to get outside and get moving, plus running while seeing vineyards and the Napa River doesn't hurt either.

I also had the opportunity to visit Silver Oak for the first time. I've had their wine many times, but this was the first time I had been able to visit the tasting room and walk around their grounds. I was fortunate enough to be shown around by the winemakers wife and a friend who I had met a few weeks ago, it was spectacular. The views (as with almost everywhere in the Napa Valley) are breathtaking, the Cabernet's from the early 2000's to current release were all spectacular, and what always impresses me ... the friendliness of everyone on staff was impressive.
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Friday, August 05, 2016

I forgot ...

I've been living the Napa life, which also means I've been in Orange County a few times (including once with family ... we even took a Duffy Boat ride in Balboa Bay), and, of course, have had some fabulous food and wine. I've been fortunate enough to enjoy winemaker dinners with Opus One and Pride Mountain Vineyards, I've been to the mountains at the Bradley Lodge and Big Trees State Park with family from Georgia who had never seen trees quite that large, seen two SF Giants games (second row first base side and a suite ... so not bad seats), headed to Point Reyes, and worked on a few video shoots and TV segments.
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Homeless No More

One month ago I moved out of a storage unit and into Fort Bradley II. My new house in Napa. It's been a crazy ride to get here and I've still be traveling lots, but it's good to be home most nights and I'm loving the 7 minute drive to work (with traffic on the way home it's about 10 minutes). First the travel ... there was a trip to help with the Grand Opening of Paséa in Huntington Beach, which included working with a film crew ... from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. The good part about working all night ... plenty of time for a walk along Huntington Beach. There were also many trips back to Sacramento for soccer (including seeing Brandi Chastain), seeing family, and even a culinary demonstration on KCRA (no, I didn't cook). There was also a little bit of travel in Napa ... a team building outing to Jamieson Canyon Vineyards for food, wine, and painting.

Back in Napa I went from having all of my stuff in a storage unit to transforming my house into a home with the help of friends and family. In less than three weeks everything got moved, unpacked and decorated. My dad also installed new cabinets in the kitchen and linen closet. Now it's time to explore my new surroundings and enjoy all that living in Napa has to offer.
Moving Food, Soccer, and Wine Pictures.
Paséa Opening Weekend.
Fort Bradley II Pictures.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Homeless, Yet Fun

I may be without a home currently, but it hasn't stopped me from enjoying life. I was back in Roseville for a family gathering ... we know how to do potlucks, then have been to two soccer games (go Republic FC), went wine tasting at Bogle, walked around the Old Sugar Mill, and enjoyed a fun lunch at Freeport Grill. I even got to hang out with horses and get them on TV.

In Napa there was an awards dinner with NorthBay Biz, drinks at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, meetings with reporters, including a sunset walk through our vineyards, an amazing tour, tasting, and lunch at Robert Mondavi (we have a winemaker dinner coming up in October to celebrate their 50th Anniversary), plus a tasting and garden tour at Cakebread.

So not a bad way to be homeless, but hoping I have a home for Memorial Day Weekend.
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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend and Saying Goodbye to Roseville

It was a fabulous last weekend of home ownership in Roseville and really a shows a good reason why I needed to move ... I wasn't home, I was in Napa. In Napa we celebrated with a spectacular wine and food extravaganza featuring wines from the Wagner Family of Wine including Caymus Vineyards and Conundrum. My parents and grandma came to join me on Saturday, we had a quick lunch at Crush then dinner at Siena, always a favorite to prepare for Mother's Day Brunch the following day. Our culinary team does some of the best brunches and the nearly 400 people that enjoyed Mother's Day at the resort did not leave disappointed ... or with an empty stomach. I only wish I could have gotten to the Brioche French Toast station.

Once I did get back to Roseville it was time to finish packing and start moving. I didn't get much sleep on Sunday night or Monday night, but everything got packed, the house got cleaned, and I was off to Napa first thing Tuesday morning. Now all my stuff lives in a storage unit, hopefully it will move to its new home sometime next week.
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