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Apple vs. The Shore

The Shore did a spoof on an Apple vs. PC/Vista commercial for last night, very funny. Don't forget ... Luau Saturday night :-).

Shore Video One of the latest Apple Commercials

Blogging ...

NBC Nightly News had a great story tonight on blogging. More and more Fortune 500 companies are starting their own blogs to engage with their customers, get feedback and of course, sell products. Here's the story:

Building a Fence

Some of you may remember "Wind Storm 2008," it blew down one of our fences and made a mess of our yard. This week we took down the old fence and rebuilt a new (and stronger) fence in its place. Now we just have 3 other sides of our house to do, eventually.

The Lodge, without me

My mom, brother's family, grandma, aunt and cousin went up to the lodge without me after my cousin's Wedding - I worked. They all had a great time, going to the pool, doing some "yard" work, hiking at Big Trees State Park and just hanging out.


It was my cousin Kara's Wedding on Saturday. There was a great backyard rehearsal dinner the night before at the parents of the groom's house and beautiful outdoor wedding and reception Saturday at Croatian American Cultural Center in Sacramento. One nice thing, no smoke and it wasn't over 100 degrees! Pictures below.

Hot and Smokey

It will be over 100 degrees for the next few days and with over 1,000 fires still burning in California I can still see the air that I'm breathing (that's not a good thing). According to the Sacramento Bee this was normal in the 1800's, so on the bright side I'm glad I have air conditioning and work indoors. To top of the week, Fix I-5 continues, closing all south-bound lanes through Downtown Sacramento for about a week. The funny thing is, it might be too hot for them to do everything they are supposed to.