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Thanksgiving at the Bradley Lodge

My family has celebrated Thanksgiving at the Bradley Lodge a lot over the last few years and it's always fun. This year was no different, we ate fantastic food, I ran off a few of the calories, we watched football and we enjoyed a few games of Pinochle. We also had my parents former neighbors come join us on Friday afternoon through Sunday, they brought their dog and we had more food (and wine). Saturday we headed to Arnold to do our part to support Small Business Saturday at The Outhouse Collection (and get $25 back from American Express). I got some really fun Christmas gifts for my family.

Once back to Fort Bradley on Sunday, I put up the lights on my house and turned on the lights on my Christmas Tree (formerly a Thanksgiving Tree).

30th Birthday Week

I normally don't celebrate my birthdays, it's pretty much just one day older than I was the day before in my book, but this year was a little different, mainly by accident. It started off on Sunday with cake at my brother's house, then continued on Monday with dinner at Chevys (they send a free entree coupon for your birthday), followed by dessert at Bayside'sVision Nights.

Tuesday (my official birthday) was full of fun as well, one of my co-workers brought in donuts (my favorite) and balloons, then we headed to lunch/happy hour at Tahoe Joe's. I wrapped up the night with friends at Lucille's BBQ and saw Skyfall.

The fun continued on Wednesday as I headed to Napa and The Meritage Resort and Spa. I had lunch with my client, then headed out on the Napa River for a kayaking adventure that will be part of an upcoming video on, we finished the filming in the vineyards behind The Meritage Resort and at the Grape Crusher Statue. The next stop of the night was…

Lyla's Dedication

It was a quick trip, but totally worth seeing my niece get dedicated at her church, the South Campus of Central Peninsula Church (which meets in a Jewish church), and I got to see my brother and his entire family for the first time since July. After the dedication we headed over to the Stanford Mall for some shopping, where I saw my first ever Microsoft Store, conveniently located next door to the Apple Store, both were packed. Before leaving we had a quick celebration of my birthday too, my nephews led the chorus.

Halloween, Happy Hour, Car Repair and a Movie

It has been far from a typical week. Starting with handing out candy on Halloween last week to kids was great, however the rain ended the night early, leaving me with candy that had to be eaten before it went bad (it's all been safely eaten now). To wrap up the work week my office headed to Tahoe Joe's for some appetizers (too cold for our original plan, mini-golf). Then it was my car's turn. A few months ago my dad heard a weird noise, when I took it in for an oil change and said there was weird noise, the problem was officially diagnosed and it got fixed (under warranty) this week. The two day repair meant I got to see my car while it was at the "doctor's office" and allowed me to drive the smallest car ever, a Toyota Yaris, barely large enough to fit my gym and work bags in. Wanting to avoid all things election (I didn't post anything on Facebook or Twitter about my political viewpoints), I also avoided election night politics on TV by seeing ARGO wit…