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Beer Tastings and Happy Hours

Between 5.6 mile runs around my neighborhood, a trip to the gym and lots of work, I found some time to escape from behind my desk and enjoy being around friends. I started the week out with a BBQ at a friend's house, then while shopping for a new patio table I ended up at Lucille's BBQ for Happy Hour with my roommate. Beer, fried pickles, sliders and rib tips. On Thursday, I participated in a Beer Tasting for Fresh & Easy through Twitter. Although I did not get to try the Anderson Valley Brewing CompanySummer Solstice (the store I went to was out), I did enjoy the New BelgiumRolle Bolle Summer Seasonal Ale and Shore Break Brewing Co. Hefeweizen. Today, after my longest run of the year and working since 4 a.m., I had the opportunity to go to Ruth's Chris Steak House for Happy Hour. It was my first time there and I will be back, New England Lobster Roll With Fries, Prime Sliders, Tenderloin Skewers and beer. It was a great way to celebrate a friend's birthday and to …

Photo Shoot at The Meritage Resort and a New Addition to the Office

Wednesday and Thursday were a little busy. Wednesday started out at 4 a.m. working for a client on the East Coast and then I was off to a meeting with a new client in Loomis. After the meeting I took the back roads to Lincoln for some new scenery before taking a friend to the airport. In an effort to keep going new directions, I headed north to the WoodlandCostco for gas and In-N-Out for lunch on my way to Napa.

Once in Napa I kept working and got ready for a late night photo shoot with Rex Gelert and Rystar Productions of The Meritage Resort and Spa's main lobby. By about 2 a.m. we had finished our main shoot in the lobby and a couple other quick pictures. Thursday morning we took his new helicopter out that was equipped with a GoPro and took a few aerial pictures of the resort in an effort to capture the scope of the properties 322 rooms, vineyards and amenities.

On my way home from Napa I decided to stop at IKEA. In the last few weeks I was noticing that I was sitting for a larg…

Mother's Day at Camp Bradley

Mother's Day Weekend started out for me Saturday morning, although it wasn't with my mom. My roommate and I went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. It was my first time there and wow, we had a 30 minute wait and it was worth it, my bacon pancakes were very good. They also gave us each $5 coupons to come in the next day with our moms, we didn't go again, but it was a thoughtful gesture.

After a very filling breakfast I headed to my parents house (Camp Bradley). As we were watching the Giants beat the Atlanta Braves, we were also discussing the fact that I had never been to one of their favorite local restaurants, Pocket Bistro. We fixed that quickly, with a trip to the restaurant for happy hour where we enjoyed beef satay, calamari, garlic fries and a few adult beverages. I'll have to go back for some of their other specials (Prime Rib preferably).

When my brother and his family arrived later on Saturday evening we enjoyed fajitas and I got to spend some time w…

A Celebrity Pacific Coast Cruise

It's no secret that I enjoy cruising and a cruise up the Pacific Coastline was just want I needed. It was planned well before I had even considered leaving my job and starting my own company, so there was some stress associated with how I would be able to take a vacation and be the only employee of a brand new company, but luckily my clients were all fantastic and I could still keep in contact via email.

With 189 days to plan there was plenty of advance time to buy new shoes and pack, but the day before we left I was busy. Last minute client projects and meetings, then down to Lodi to pick up my grandma and run a few other errands (like picking up pizza, going to the eye doctor and getting my car washed ... who knew it would rain the day we got back?).

My dad and I started day one of the vacation out first with a flight to San Diego, carrying a majority of the luggage (four checked bags and two carry-ons). We got the car and took the first load of luggage up to our hotel. With the…