Photo Shoot at The Meritage Resort and a New Addition to the Office

Wednesday and Thursday were a little busy. Wednesday started out at 4 a.m. working for a client on the East Coast and then I was off to a meeting with a new client in Loomis. After the meeting I took the back roads to Lincoln for some new scenery before taking a friend to the airport. In an effort to keep going new directions, I headed north to the Woodland Costco for gas and In-N-Out for lunch on my way to Napa.

Once in Napa I kept working and got ready for a late night photo shoot with Rex Gelert and Rystar Productions of The Meritage Resort and Spa's main lobby. By about 2 a.m. we had finished our main shoot in the lobby and a couple other quick pictures. Thursday morning we took his new helicopter out that was equipped with a GoPro and took a few aerial pictures of the resort in an effort to capture the scope of the properties 322 rooms, vineyards and amenities.

On my way home from Napa I decided to stop at IKEA. In the last few weeks I was noticing that I was sitting for a large portion of my day. It was a good thing, it meant I was working, but at the same time sitting isn't the best thing for your body, so I wanted to find something that could work as a standing desk. I was close to walking out of IKEA empty handed until my mom spotted an outdoor bar table that was exactly what I was looking for. The best part was I put it together, along with a matching bar stool in under an hour.


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