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A few weeks ago I was driving back to my office after a meeting and noticed a sign that said "Happy Hour." It's not secret I like happy hour, so I Google'd the restaurant and found out it served Peruvian food. Later that week a friend who is also a reporter for the Roseville Press Tribune was at the restaurant to write a review and I was emailing his co-worker. We set up a lunch meeting for this week and we both got to have Peruvian food for the first time. I had the Causa Limena (chicken salad and potatoes), it was excellent and I cannot wait to go back and try other items on the menu.

Over the weekend I headed to the Apologetics Conference at Bayside. Although I may not be able able remember everything the speakers said, it is always great to remember that I have a faith that can be tested and has so much historical evidence in support of many of its claims. Lee Strobel, JP Moreland and the others were all phenomenal and I'm looking forward to the next conferen…

President's Day 2013 at the Bradley Lodge

With 16 people at the Bradley Lodge for President's Day this year we celebrated in style with wine, food, fun and more wine. Our fun started on Friday with chopping down a tree, raking a few pine needles and the delivery of 16 railroad ties.

Saturday we began the project my dad has waited for five years to start ... build a horseshoe pit with railroad ties. After we got the frame work done (and moved the 120-150 pound railroad ties) it was time to meet my brother and his family in Murphys for wine tasting. We visited quite a few wineries and bought lots of bottles of wine, the stroller quickly became a wine stroller, it was easier (and lighter) to hold the baby. Saturday night we had a "feast," something my family often did while I was growing up. In the early days we spread newspaper on the table and grabbed what we wanted, this year we were a little more sophisticated, but still had great food, including turkey, kielbasa and ribs. We finished our night with the very adu…

A Week of Wine and Food

It's a good thing I wasn't on a diet this week (and that I went to the gym everyday). Monday I made my semi-famous Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies for an office potluck we were having on Tuesday. At the potluck I filled up my plate with everything from pizza to desserts.

Thursday I was involved in a Fresh & Easy wine tasting through Twitter (#FreshandEasyWine). The three bottles of wine, along with the antipasto tray we came up with when we pooled our two gift cards were all great.

On Friday a friend and I met for Chinese food, before coming back to my house with four mini-desserts from Bel Air. We shared the desserts and wine with my roommates while hanging out and getting a chance to talk, a good thing since I hadn't seen her since before my cruise in October.

I was able to get out for a 6.5 mile run on Saturday, it was fantastic to do some serious exercise in light of all the food I had already eaten. After the run I called my parents who invited me to dinner. We de…

Super Food

I welcomed a new roommate to Fort Bradley this week. He drove in from Arizona to take a new job with Placer County. Wanting to welcome him to California with food and wine, we shared some Papa Murphy's Pizza and Bogle VineyardsZinfandel. Friday I continued to eat healthy by having a chicken sandwich and milkshake at Smashburger. Saturday I had an amazing hamburger cooked by Kevin Kauer at Bayside and today it's another pizza with wine for the Super Bowl.