President's Day 2013 at the Bradley Lodge

With 16 people at the Bradley Lodge for President's Day this year we celebrated in style with wine, food, fun and more wine. Our fun started on Friday with chopping down a tree, raking a few pine needles and the delivery of 16 railroad ties.

Saturday we began the project my dad has waited for five years to start ... build a horseshoe pit with railroad ties. After we got the frame work done (and moved the 120-150 pound railroad ties) it was time to meet my brother and his family in Murphys for wine tasting. We visited quite a few wineries and bought lots of bottles of wine, the stroller quickly became a wine stroller, it was easier (and lighter) to hold the baby. Saturday night we had a "feast," something my family often did while I was growing up. In the early days we spread newspaper on the table and grabbed what we wanted, this year we were a little more sophisticated, but still had great food, including turkey, kielbasa and ribs. We finished our night with the very adult version of Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity.

Sunday we took my nephew to Bear Valley for his third time on skis. He quickly mastered the beginner hill (Cub) and one that was a little harder, Super Cub. After lunch we took him up an even harder hill and once again, he did amazingly. Next year it will be fun to see what new runs he can master and we might get to start teaching his younger brother.

After cleaning the Bradley Lodge to get it ready for renters, I headed to the gym to work off the many calories from the weekend and then went to a dinner at Claim Jumper with friends (I ordered based on the nutritional menu, ending up with a very good BBQ Chicken Salad for 300 calories).


Lesley Miller said…
Looks like a super fun weekend. I like this FEAST idea. :)
Andrew Bradley said…
It is pretty cool, fun for kids (adult and younger) too

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