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A Week in Napa

If you're my friend on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter you know that I spent a lot of time at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa this week. Tuesday I jogged through the vineyards to Napa's Grape Crusher Statue and jumped in the pool (two things that despite how many times I've been to the resort I had never done). After getting changed I attended "Taste of Siena" which was highlighting some new dishes from Chef Mike Collins, the new executive chef.

Wednesday we had a meeting with the management of the hotel to discuss some of my media successes and ideas for the future, especially as they get ready to open a 131,000 square foot expansion in Spring of 2012 (more on that later). After the meeting I drove back to the office, but first stopped at Symposium Restaurant in Davis for some very tasty Greek inspired pizza.

On Thursday I headed back to Napa to help (travel site affiliated with the Travel Channel) with a photo shoot. They couldn't have p…


It was a great food weekend. Yesterday I went to WinCo, although it may not be known for its gourmet food, I love their potato wedges. I ordered 1/2 pound and it was gone before I checked out, I paid for an empty bag.

 Today after church, running and the gym I met a friend at Taylors in Loomis. Although I've heard great things about their milkshake list I had no idea what to expect. The milkshake list was huge (it reminded me of the beer list at Yard House) and I settled on a Strawberry-Banana Shake with a Turkey Burger (I had to be kind of healthy to counteract the huge milkshake). It was fantastic and I cannot wait to try some of their other creations.

Talking Twitter at #AMASV

After a friend had to go out of town on business at the last minute, I was asked to fill in during today's American Marketing Association Sacramento Valley luncheon. My topic ... Twitter.

Below are a few of the things I told my groups as they came by to talk (each table discussed a different topic). I've also included a few of the things I had planned to say, but in 10 minutes didn't have the chance. I know it's not an exhaustive list, but my goal was to give a brief introduction on how it could help their business start on Twitter.

1. Everyone that is on Twitter quit and then started again. Yes, even I signed up for an account, used it a few times, forgot about it and then eventually came back to it.

2. Be conversational. I don't know a single person that loves when a company (or a person) only provides one way information that tries to sell them stuff. Every good company interacts. Royal Caribbean has an almost daily post asking "Where's Royal?" and…

Food Trucks!

I had a fantastic time at Future Ford in Roseville tonight during the Food Truck Roundup. This weekly event brings together all of Sacramento's gourmet food trucks to a single place, allowing people like me to get a taste of what they have to offer. Since I had already had Mini Burger Truck (see blog post), I decided to try out three other trucks: Drewski's, Mama Kim's and Wicked'wich.

All of the food was delicious. @MamaKimOnTheGo offers truly gourmet food, I had a fresh cream puff thanks to @YetAnotherSusan. @DrewskisHotRod and @WichOnWheels both make amazing sandwiches, @lttlewys and I split sandwiches so we could try both (Pastrami and Korean Beef).

Read more: Articles from Roseville Press-Tribune and Roseville Patch.

A Trip to AT&T Park

After purchasing a ticket package at Costco a few months ago my family and I finally went to a San Francisco Giants game. Although they didn't win, we still had a great time watching from our "View Level" seats and surprisingly it was my first time to AT&T Park, so I just had a good time walking around.

Since I didn't feel like paying to go across the Bay Bridge and more importantly $30 for parking and the hassle of driving in San Francisco, I took BART in from Concord. The round-trip fare cost me $11 and I got to take a nice walk along the Embarcadero and through the Ferry Building on my way to the game, while I took a more direct route on my way back. I caught the train with no issue and had a seat the entire ride in both directions, it was splendid.

Once I arrived at the park I walked around the outside of the stadium to see the statues, check out McCovey Cove and even went in to the most crowded store ever, the Giants Dugout Store right before a  game.

Once i…

Kid-Sitting Success

Well I successfully kid-sat six amazing kids for more than 12 hours, granted they were sleeping for some of it and are still asleep now. We played outside, did a craft project (see picture), ate pizza, enjoyed story time and everyone went to sleep at their bedtime. In my book, that is success.


This weekend my family spent time at my favorite California beach destination ... Capitola. The city by the sea offers a small town atmosphere, walkable streets, shopping, a gorgeous beach, wharf/pier and my favorite ... Pizza My Heart and Zelda's. It was great to hangout with my aunt and cousin from Texas, along with my cousin's friend, my brother, his wife and my nephews, grandma and my parents.

Between the beach, running to the mall and back (there wasn't room for me in the car), listening to great music on the wharf, visiting "the brick," eating fabulous food (cooked by my family and the good people at Pizza My Heart) and making s'mores it was a fabulous weekend. I was just sad that I had to leave and they got to stay. I will see most of them on Saturday at the Giants game at AT&T Park (my first time going there - yes I know that is sad). Before that though, I will be kid-sitting six amazing children while their parent's (and youngest brother) go …