This weekend my family spent time at my favorite California beach destination ... Capitola. The city by the sea offers a small town atmosphere, walkable streets, shopping, a gorgeous beach, wharf/pier and my favorite ... Pizza My Heart and Zelda's. It was great to hangout with my aunt and cousin from Texas, along with my cousin's friend, my brother, his wife and my nephews, grandma and my parents.

Between the beach, running to the mall and back (there wasn't room for me in the car), listening to great music on the wharf, visiting "the brick," eating fabulous food (cooked by my family and the good people at Pizza My Heart) and making s'mores it was a fabulous weekend. I was just sad that I had to leave and they got to stay. I will see most of them on Saturday at the Giants game at AT&T Park (my first time going there - yes I know that is sad). Before that though, I will be kid-sitting six amazing children while their parent's (and youngest brother) go on a quick trip to San Diego.


Ray Young said…
Where the heck is Capitola?
MrAndrewBradley said…
South of Santa Cruz, north of Aptos and Monterey. It's an amazing beach town.

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