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Christmas in the Snow

We spent our second Christmas at the Bradley Lodge. We were welcomed by about 3 feet of snow around the property and on the deck and within about 24 hours had an extra foot of fresh powder as our Christmas present. My dad and I made it to Bear Valley to enjoy all of the fresh powder and a beautiful day (although very cold, with temperatures as low as -3). After hanging out on the slopes and seeing Erin and Eric, we played lots of cards, ate well and just had a good time relaxing.

Merry Christmas!

With just a few hours until Christmas I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. It has been a busy last few months and as I look back on it a great year. From going to Las Vegas and Florida twice and spending lots of time at Bayside, the Bradley Lodge and with my family on trips and vacations (like Christmas Cruise 2008), life has been great. Although the economy is depressed, there is lots to be happy and thankful for and hopefully 2009 will bring even more good times and fantastic surprises.

Track Santa

It's Christmas Time

Between holiday parties, getting snowed on in Las Vegas, scraping ice off my car in the morning and taking the time to "Experience Christmas at Bayside" (service times now through Christmas Eve) it truly is Christmas time. With feet of snow forecasted for next week and plans to head up to the Bradley Lodge and ski at Bear Valley it will continue to be a magical holiday season.

101st Post - 22 hours in Las Vegas

Well after being in Sacramento for 19 hours after flying back from the cruise I was back at the airport and went to Las Vegas for a quick business trip. A co-worker and I headed to our hotel and then went to the RioCarnival World Buffet (she had never been to a buffet in Las Vegas) and then lost some money at the slots. Today we both had separate events in Las Vegas, crazy to have two different events on the same day in Las Vegas, but hey, that's the life we lead. Although parts of Las Vegas had snow today, my partially outdoor event just had rain and lots of people braved the storms to come and see me. After our events we went to lunch at Gordon Biersch, our traditional after Las Vegas event restaurant and then it was off to the airport and back to Sacramento. After being in Sacramento for a total of about 50 (probably less) hours since before Thanksgiving, I think I will actually be in town for an entire week until I go to the Bradley Lodge for Christmas, simply amazing.

A Caribbean Cruise

I just got home from a great family cruise. Although sometimes difficult to say who we were traveling with (see previous post), we all had a great time on board the Royal Caribbean's "Liberty of the Seas." On day 1, we all flew from Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and Texas and met at the Miami International Airport with our 30+ bags (that included carry-on’s) and went to our hotel for the night. Day 2 we saw our ship for the first time, it dwarfed the other 3 cruise ships at the Port of Miami and we knew we were about to have a great time on board. While at sea we ate some amazing food and even went to Johnny Rockets for lunch, climbed the rock wall, watched an ice skating show, played miniature golf and soccer, rode the FlowRider, tried our luck in the Casino, admired the nightly towel animals, worked out at an amazing gym and of course relaxed in the sun and around the pools. At the ports we saw friends in San Juan, Puerto Rico, while visiting an old fort, where

Christmas at Bayside

Just wanted to let everyone know that Bayside will again be offering Christmas Eve services well before Christmas this year. The 13 services, beginning on Thursday, December 18th will run through Christmas Eve and should be awesome.

36 hours and counting

I got home last night and that began my 36 hours in Sacramento before flying to Miami for the family cruise. For my last night on the road I went to Alioto’s on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, an upgrade from the previous nights of eating in the room. I had some great homemade New England Style Clam Chowder and Lobster Thermidor, which is lobster sautéed in butter, onions, mushrooms, white wine & a light cream sauce and served with rice. It was really good. Last night I unpacked everything and repacked new clothes for the cruise, today I am off to work and tonight I am headed to First Covenant Church's "An Evening in December" and then tomorrow I fly out. It will be busy, but it's all worth it and I am looking forward to spending time with family and exploring the Liberty of the Seas. Oh and I might go to Las Vegas for an event the day after I fly back to Sacramento from the cruise. It's a crazy life, but it's my life and it's great.

The Traveling Life

As I have mentioned in the last few posts, I have been (and will be) traveling a lot over the next few weeks and I just wanted to give everyone an updated and brag about my current hotel room. I went from my house to the Bradley Lodge to San Jose. The San Jose hotel was nice and I was able to have food from some of my favorite road restaurants ... In-N-Out, El Pollo Loco and Outback Steakhouse, the last two were both to-go orders that I enjoyed in my room while watching TV. Today I traveled from San Jose to the heart of the Mission District for an event at one of the largest non-profits in San Francisco, Arriba Juntos, which had some really cool murals on the building and the bus staff and I ate lunch at Weird Fish (it was really good), then I checked into what could be the nicest hotel room I've ever stayed at. I stayed at this hotel a few months ago for another event and really liked the room (see previous post), so I figured I would like it again. Although not the "Good Ho…