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Snow and Electricity

I have to say when my mom wished for a white President's Day at the Bradley Lodge she probably wasn't thinking 5-6 feet of snow would fall.  We love snow, using the snow blower, shoveling and having fun, but we weren't expecting so much snow after a month of no snow in California.  That said, the snow made for some beautiful pictures and fun memories with our family. It also created a tradition, year two of no power during our family weekend at the Lodge.

When we arrived Thursday night after a three hour drive up the mountain (it was snowing like crazy and there was a tree in the middle of the road that people had to cut and move out of the way, my dad decided to attempt to drive through the snow on our driveway ... it didn't go well.   After another three hours of digging out the snow from under and around the car, while another six to ten inches of snow fell, we got the car in the garage at midnight.

Friday we awoke to no power, but made do by working outside, clearin…

Sin City (Burger)

I had the opportunity to go to SmashBurger in Citrus Heights on Wednesday night with a friend who had been invited to a VIP event (aka free food).  They were showcasing the "Sin City Burger" which includes the Certified Angus Beef SmashBurger they are famous for with a fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, melted American cheese, grilled and haystack onions and smash sauce all on an egg bun.  It was amazing and I highly recommend it if you're in the area and in need of a burger.  I also had a strawberry shake (because I count it as a fruit group) and sweet potato fries (which count as a vegetable group, right?). After my main meal I also tried the Avocado Club SmashChicken, which was very good, although it had a little too much sauce for my taste (don't worry, I still ate the whole thing). 

All in all I love SmashBurger and think that it has earned its place in my top hamburger chain restaurants, which includes In-N-Out and The Counter.  In-N-Out will probably always b…

New Office, Take Two

In late December 2010 my company, AugustineIdeas moved from our office in Rocklin to a newer, larger office that was more centrally located in Roseville.  I was fortunate enough to have a real office (door and all) to share with my fellow PR partner in crime.  We made that our home, complete with artwork and "decorator items" for a few weeks until the company realized that we needed to continue expanding.  Luckily our suite had an empty suite next door, we knocked down a wall and presto, more office space.  Now my partner in media relations and I share an office that is twice the size of our old one and even has a window! As members of the Engagement Department our teammates moved with us and the new wing of the office has been coined the "Digital Underground." Once everything is decorated I'll post more pictures, but for now, here are some pictures of my area and our gigantic bulletin board that will be home to anything and everything we create or find on the …

Happy Birthday Gram!

We celebrated my grandma's birthday today.  It was a great day down in Lodi as we helped get some work done around the house.  Between my dad, mom, brother, sister-in-law, nephew's and I we cleaned the inside of the house, pruned some trees, got her garden all ready for vegetables to go in the ground, picked some oranges (they're amazing) and so much more.  For dinner we capped off a great night by eating Chinese take-out from Chop Chop (4 starts on Yelp) - it has an 8x8 waiting area and about 10 people in the kitchen ... there was a line out the door of people getting their orders, yes, it is that good.  We then moved onto cake and some discussion on when and where our next cruise might take place.  Right now it's looking like my parent's and I will be on a Royal Caribbean ship in the Caribbean for 11 nights (we need to go from "Emerald to Diamond" in the Crown and Anchor Society) in either March or April.  If you want to join us, let me know and I will …

A Ferrari Update

It has been a few months since we last saw the "yellow Ferrari" and it now looks a little different.  Today during a live shot on Sacramento's KTXL Fox 40 morning show the "Bethany's On The Move" segment came to Specialized Parts Planet in Rancho Cordova.

*Specialized Parts Planet is a client of AugustineIdeas, this was NOT a paid post