Snow and Electricity

I have to say when my mom wished for a white President's Day at the Bradley Lodge she probably wasn't thinking 5-6 feet of snow would fall.  We love snow, using the snow blower, shoveling and having fun, but we weren't expecting so much snow after a month of no snow in California.  That said, the snow made for some beautiful pictures and fun memories with our family. It also created a tradition, year two of no power during our family weekend at the Lodge.

When we arrived Thursday night after a three hour drive up the mountain (it was snowing like crazy and there was a tree in the middle of the road that people had to cut and move out of the way, my dad decided to attempt to drive through the snow on our driveway ... it didn't go well.   After another three hours of digging out the snow from under and around the car, while another six to ten inches of snow fell, we got the car in the garage at midnight.

Friday we awoke to no power, but made do by working outside, clearing the new snow off the driveway and deck and most importantly around the wood pile (fires are important when the heater doesn't work).  My nephews then arrived and we built a snowman, before my cousins arrived for some BBQ'd pizza and eventually power.

Saturday we were spoiled with another few inches of snow and we again quickly lost power.  We found a car stuck in the middle of the road, sledded down the street, taught Luke to ski, uncovered the snowman and hung out with some friends that live near the Bradley Lodge before enjoying a romantic candlelight tri-tip dinner.  Late Saturday night the power turned back on, meaning lights, the heater and TVs also turned on, waking up a few people to turn them back off and perhaps more importantly to start the dishwasher (I checked my e-mail).

Sunday it was off to Bear Valley for a perfect day of skiing in the powder (about 84 inches of snow fell in a week).  All in all it was a great weekend and I'm still enjoying it from the couch of the Bradley Lodge as I look out at snow covered trees and blue skies. (Santo Clauez the AugustineIdeas burro also had a great time skiing, sledding, drinking and meeting new friends. He also got to meet even more family during his first ooVoo video chat conversation with people from Boston and Texas.)


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