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Career Coaching at Bayside

*image from Bayside Church - Career Coaching
As my search continues for the perfect job I decided to try out Bayside'sCareer Coaching program. A four-night series of 2 hour classes on everything from God's role in our lives and during difficult times, to developing a personal marketing plan, networking, interviewing and perhaps most importantly how to stay positive and motivated. What did I learn? Well I learned that I was actually doing a lot of things right, I had a consistent brand ("MrAndrewBradley" is everywhere after all) I had reached out to lots of friends from various companies letting them know I was looking for work, I was applying to jobs, I was going out on interviews and wasn't giving up. All of that helped me to stay positive and realize that I am not alone in my job search. I was also reminded that I needed to keep expanding my network by meeting with even more people and arranging "informational interviews" with CEO's and other …

A Central Coast Visit

What do you do when you have two free nights at a hotel that need used? Well you go on a vacation of course. I had two free nights that needed to be used by the end of the month at Best Western, so Jen and I took a quick trip to San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach to use up my free nights and it gave me an opportunity to visit an area that I really have not been back to since graduating from college, other than a few days for work. We stayed at the Best Western Shore Cliff Lodge in Pismo Beach. It was amazing and every room has an ocean view, always a plus. After arriving on Thursday afternoon we got gas at the brand new Costco, shopped at Old Navy (both were not around when I was in college) and I had a phone interview with another company. Then I went to met with my financial adviser, William Henry Crew III, who took both Jen and I out to a great restaurant in San Luis Obispo called NOVO. After dinner, Jen and I enjoyed enjoyed San Luis Obispo's "Farmer's Market" and…

HAPPO - Help a PR Pro Out

Today is the first ever HAPPO or "Help a PR Pro Out Day," a spin off of Peter Shankman's highly successful HARO (Help a Reporter Out) service. It is great to see the PR community coming out to support each other and I want to do the same. So if you're new to Twitter, just click here to check out all of the tweets about people looking for work and all of the jobs being posted.

As many of you know I too am looking to land the perfect PR job in the Sacramento, CA region. I have about four years of experience at a local agency and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, dealing with both large and small clients, including PhRMA, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, Colon Cancer Alliance, Hearing Med, the California State Parks Foundation, two California ballot initiatives and many more. I have gotten stories placed in major newspapers, including the Sacramento Bee, set up numerous radio interviews and was highly successful in getting my clients onto local televisi…

A San Francisco Getaway

After heading to the slopes to try our hand at snowboarding again last weekend, Jen and I chose a much more relaxing (and less painful) activity for this weekend ... a trip to San Francisco and to see my brother in Redwood City. Friday we watched the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, I especially liked the segments beforehand about Canada and the slam poetry near the end of the ceremony.

On Saturday we made the trek to San Francisco. We started out at the Disney Family Museum, which chronicles the life of Walt Disney, showing his early failures and of course his great successes, all in an interactive and fun way that only Disney can pull off. The museum also had some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and offered up a tasty (not too expensive) panini for lunch at their cafe. After a few hours walking around the museum, we drove around San Francisco and ended up at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. We then walked through some of the park seeing the California Academ…