HAPPO - Help a PR Pro Out

Today is the first ever HAPPO or "Help a PR Pro Out Day," a spin off of Peter Shankman's highly successful HARO (Help a Reporter Out) service. It is great to see the PR community coming out to support each other and I want to do the same. So if you're new to Twitter, just click here to check out all of the tweets about people looking for work and all of the jobs being posted.

As many of you know I too am looking to land the perfect PR job in the Sacramento, CA region. I have about four years of experience at a local agency and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, dealing with both large and small clients, including PhRMA, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, Colon Cancer Alliance, Hearing Med, the California State Parks Foundation, two California ballot initiatives and many more. I have gotten stories placed in major newspapers, including the Sacramento Bee, set up numerous radio interviews and was highly successful in getting my clients onto local television news stations throughout the state. Since being laid off (due to financial reasons at my former company) with five other employees at the end of September I have stayed busy and am now actively involved on the Citizen Voice/Safely Out Media and Marketing Sub-Committee, currently planning a major fundraiser with a local gym chain (California Family Fitness) called "Swim for Life." The event will bring together local swimmers to raise money for Safely Out kits to be distributed to some of California's most vulnerable residents in natural disasters, including the visually impaired and elderly.

Now I am looking for my dream job. I want to work with people who become friends in an environment that fosters creativity and teamwork, while valuing a strong work ethic and drive to succeed individually too. I know how to put in long hours, after working with the Partnership for Prescription Assistance and the American Red Cross during and after the San Diego Wildfires in 2007 and on contentious ballot initiatives in November 2008 and May 2009. I enjoy traveling for work and pleasure, so any business travel is a plus, but not a requirement.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon about opportunities at your company and how I can help you and your business thrive in the coming years!

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