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Trying New Places and No Snow :(

The week started and ended (I suppose as most do) with meals out. I took my parents and a friend to Crush 29 in Roseville for Happy Hour on Wednesday and then on Thursday evening headed to the Bradley Lodge. We decided to stop at a restaurant in Valley Springs that my mom had heard about earlier in the day at a dentist appointment .... Hawg Dawg. With lots of options for "dawgs" and burgers, we decided to try a few things and enjoyed everything we ate, along with a few beers and a glass of wine. At the Bradley Lodge we continued to eat well, with a spinach ravioli that included broccoli and kale from my grandma's garden, while getting work done. We were raking pine needles in January when there should have been 4-5 feet of snow on the ground. As a field trip we went to the new Ebbetts Pass Visitors' Center and did some shopping at The Outhouse Collection, now under new ownership after the owner we had all known for years retired. On Sunday I met friends at a new res…

Food, Football and Filming

It was another fun week, even though the 49er's didn't make it all the way to the Super Bowl. I started out with dinner at Blue Nami and a movie with friends at the Palladio. On Friday I met my parents at Leatherby's for lunch and ice cream (the sacrifices we make in order to use a Groupon). On Saturday I headed back to Folsom with friends to use a coupon at Buffalo Wild Wings (my first time there), the boneless wings were the way to go for sure, all the different sauces were amazing too. For dessert we decided on PinkBerry ... fruit makes it healthy, right? On Sunday, after a long run, I headed to Cactus Mexican Dining in Woodbridge for lunch ... a shrimp and crab chimichanga ... with my parents and grandma before watching the 49er/Seahawks game.

On Monday I was in Napa at The Meritage Resort and Spa for a press tour, photo and video shoot. We got some great new shots and video from throughout the property from Crush Ultra Lounge to Blend to the Trinitas Cellars Tasting …

Good Day Sacramento, Napa and Ice Cream ...

My week started off with a cooking segment with the Executive Chef from The Meritage Resort and Spa on Good Day Sacramento. He showed and explained how to cook with Brussels Sprouts (too be honest I never really liked them until I started having them cooked correctly) ... since I was healthy for "breakfast" I ended up at Red Robin for a Tower of Onion Rings for dinner (p.s. ... they now have Happy Hour all day throughout the restaurant on weekdays). On Tuesday I drove to The Meritage for a lunch meeting ... flat bread and desserts to share and a calamari sandwich (with a side of Brussels Sprouts) for me. Wednesday I met with a friend from high school for an awesome dinner and a few beers at Kilt Pub. Friday I finished the a busy work week with a few Redbox movies and a Dungeness Crab .... on sale for $3.99 at Raley's (thanks for the tip mom!). If you ever need an excuse to spend an hour or two eating dinner ... buy a crab, not only is it tasty, but it's time consumi…

Welcoming 2014

With one last trip to Costco and Papa Murphy's in 2013 I picked up some extra wine, pizza and vegetables to wrap up a year filled with lots of change, highs and lows. I welcomed in 2014 with pizza, wine and friends and kept up with my goal to run a lot ... 54 miles in eight days to be exact. There was also some fun outside of my neighborhood .... I went to Jack's Urban Eats for some yummy Urban Fries and a pork sandwich and there were also serious moments like watching CNN International Freedom Project'sEvery Day in Cambodia and listening to actress Mira Sorvino speak about her experiences in making the documentary. I'm looking forward to what 2014 has in store and cannot wait to start working with new clients, while continuing to strengthen current relationships and make new friendships throughout the coming months.
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