Welcoming 2014

With one last trip to Costco and Papa Murphy's in 2013 I picked up some extra wine, pizza and vegetables to wrap up a year filled with lots of change, highs and lows. I welcomed in 2014 with pizza, wine and friends and kept up with my goal to run a lot ... 54 miles in eight days to be exact. There was also some fun outside of my neighborhood .... I went to Jack's Urban Eats for some yummy Urban Fries and a pork sandwich and there were also serious moments like watching CNN International Freedom Project's Every Day in Cambodia and listening to actress Mira Sorvino speak about her experiences in making the documentary. I'm looking forward to what 2014 has in store and cannot wait to start working with new clients, while continuing to strengthen current relationships and make new friendships throughout the coming months.
Pictures for those with iPads.


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