Trying New Places and No Snow :(

The week started and ended (I suppose as most do) with meals out. I took my parents and a friend to Crush 29 in Roseville for Happy Hour on Wednesday and then on Thursday evening headed to the Bradley Lodge. We decided to stop at a restaurant in Valley Springs that my mom had heard about earlier in the day at a dentist appointment .... Hawg Dawg. With lots of options for "dawgs" and burgers, we decided to try a few things and enjoyed everything we ate, along with a few beers and a glass of wine. At the Bradley Lodge we continued to eat well, with a spinach ravioli that included broccoli and kale from my grandma's garden, while getting work done. We were raking pine needles in January when there should have been 4-5 feet of snow on the ground. As a field trip we went to the new Ebbetts Pass Visitors' Center and did some shopping at The Outhouse Collection, now under new ownership after the owner we had all known for years retired. On Sunday I met friends at a new restaurant in Roseville, Trademark Pizza. Think Subway and Chipolte, but with pizza ... you decide what sauce, cheese(s) and toppings you want, they create it and bake it in their oven and deliver it to your table in about three minutes. I loaded up on toppings (it's all the same price) and loved my pizza enough to know that I will be back. Before heading to church we got ice cream at Safeway and then stayed after church for a hilarious comedy performance by Michael Jr.
See photos here.


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