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Christmas 2012 at the Bradley Lodge

It was the fourth Christmas I celebrated at the Bradley Lodge and with the addition of a niece, maybe the best. We spent a full week in the snow including two field trips to go snowshoeing at Big Trees State Park and skiing at Bear Valley. Luke did amazing and we took Luke and Levi out the next day on the streets around the Bradley Lodge. At the Bradley Lodge we went sledding, built snowmen and snow forts, took a few walks, opened Christmas gifts, drank wine and hot chocolate (Bailys added for adults), opened Christmas gifts and ate lots of delicious food including cioppino and prime rib. The trip was so much fun that I had to go to Costco to restock on food and wine.

Holiday Helping

The Holidays are all about helping people and giving back. I am lucky enough to be part of a company and a church that does just that. Through my office we prepared holiday meals for 25 needy families and purchased a few Christmas gifts, including a Disney Princess bike, for kids who may not have gotten what they wanted from Santa otherwise. I also had the opportunity to head to The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa to help the management team as they prepared an elaborate dinner for the rest of the staff, served at at huge masquerade ball. Not only was it fun, it was amazing to see what goes in to preparing and hosting a three-course banquet for 350 guests. In response to the tragedy in Connecticut I also got calls from Sacramento area media to arrange interviews with Bayside's pastors, Bayside is not a client of mine, but I was happy to help everyone that called me. As part of Bayside'sChristmas Services, they donated all proceeds from ticket sales to CovKidsCongo, helping ki…

Downtown Napa

Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to join with reporters from across the country to show off some of what Napa has to offer. I met up with them at The Meritage Resort and Spa for a property tour and bowling at Crush Ultra Lounge after their dinner at Tarla. Then Saturday I was able to hangout with them for the day. We started at the Napa General Store for breakfast along Napa's Riverfront, then headed to Poor House, part of Oxbow Public Market, for shopping. After that it was off to Grand Hand Gallery to check out artwork, Napa Valley Adventure Tours to learn what outdoor activities are available to Napa visitors (kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and more) and the Napa Valley Opera House. We had lunch at Bistro Sabor (think Latin American street food) and finished up with wine tasting at Back Room Wines. I also took a few quick detours to say hello to an author and reporter that I have worked with for two years, but never met, at the Napa Valley Visitors Center and purcha…

Times to Reflect

Often towards the end of the year we reflect. We reflect on a year gone by, the fun times, the new friends, the memories that will last a life time. We send letters to family and friends. We watch videos that wrap up the year in two minutes that often have inspiring music behind them. But, then events happen that change how we reflect. Yesterday, our nation experienced a tragedy. I, like everyone else across the county, reflected. My mind was numb. There was nothing I could do. Late last night, I read something on Facebook from my pastor at Bayside. They are simple words, but words that give great encouragement to many of us in California, across the country and around the world.

From Pastor Ray:

Today is a heartbreaking day. Our nation experienced the second worst school shooting in American history. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and everyone affected by this senseless tragedy. I, like all Americans, am devastated.

During tragic times like this there is inev…

Soccer and Happy Hours

The week started off with an incredibly successful press conference at Hot Italian announcing that USL PRO soccer is coming to Sacramento in 2014. I got to meet the Mayor and I was in charge of the media relations efforts. It was great to see the Sacramento media show up in force, while writers across the nation were writing about the new team too. On Wednesday I headed to meet a friend for my first happy hour of the week at Hook and Ladder. Thursday I was off to Spataro for a mixer with IABC, SPRA and the Sacramento Ad Club, followed by dinner at Ma Jongs. Friday, after purchasing gifts for families in need with the AugustineIdeas team, I met some friends at Mikuni Kaizen and walked around the Fountains at Roseville, followed by dessert at Big Spoon. Saturday after church at Bayside I headed back downtown (fourth time in a week) to see the "Art of Kings" exhibit at 3Fold Communications as part of Second Saturday. With artwork by Elevendy and other great companies from the …

Christmas Dinner

It all started with a trip to Costco (doesn't it always?). Monday at Costco I purchased Crush 29 gift cards and food for my dinner guests on Friday (pasta with Alfredo sauce, bacon, asparagus and shrimp). Tuesday I went to Crush 29 with some co-workers to celebrate a birthday and I got my Diamond Level pin from Royal Caribbean. Proof that the two things I enjoy a lot go hand and hand ... eating and cruising. The AugustineIdeas office got some new signage and decor on Thursday, it looks pretty cool with a new sign in the reception area and graphics on the cubicle walls. On Friday I had friends over for dinner, they enjoyed the wine, pasta and, of course, brownies. After cleaning my house on Saturday I headed to Bayside to watch them light their giant Christmas tree as they get ready to host their Christmas services later this month.