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Beverly Hills Media Event

I had the opportunity to partner with Visit California at their media networking night at the Mr. CBeverly Hills hotel yesterday. After a quick flight, with two former colleagues (we had no idea we would all be on the same flight), to LAX I headed to the hotel. I enjoyed a fabulous lunch (Doge Salad with Ahi), got some work done in the lobby, and then headed up to the 12th floor to get ready for the event. The event gave me an opportunity to let Los Angeles based media know more about The Meritage in Napa Valley and make new connections with staff from other destinations, as well as talk to my friends at Visit California.

As the event wound down and everyone headed back home, I took Uber to my hotel in Marina Del Rey. Although I'd had some snacks, I needed some real food ... Untraditional Chicken Cobb Salad sounded fantastic, then the room service guy on the phone asked about dessert ... how could I resist a S'more Sundae? Yes, the ice cream sundae had Cinnamon Toast Crunch mi…

Whirlwind Weekend

It was a weekend filled with food, sports, and lots of driving. Friday I headed with my parents to San Francisco for lunch, exploring San Francisco, getting work done, all before heading to AT&T Park for a Giants game. It was my first time experiencing "Club Level" at AT&T Park, I'm not sure I can go back to anything less now ... a small Giants Museum, indoor seating while you eat, or staff to bring your food do you (I had the crab sandwich with a glass of wine, along with garlic fries), and great seats (compared to the nosebleeds that I'm used to). Although they lost, it was still a great experience and who knows, maybe I'll be back for another game this year or next year.

On Saturday we headed to the California Academy of Sciences. I had never been, so my goal was to see Claude the albino alligator, however he was on vacation, so I'll have to go back. We did really enjoy the rest of the museum though, with its whale exhibit that was fascinating, ea…

Easter, Bayside Blue Oaks, and Patio Dining

The last few weeks have been busy with church, work, and, of course, food ... the main change, I've been doing more of the cooking. In three days I went to four church services for Easter at Bayside (Good Friday, Easter Friday Service, Easter Saturday Night Service with group fresh back from Mexicali, and Easter Sunday at William Jessup University). After the Easter Sunday Service, I decided to try to cafeteria at WJU ... amazing and not your typical school cafeteria. Crossroads Cafe is run by the same team that runs the Google staff cafeteria in Mountain View, items are prepared fresh with local ingredients, and super tasty. I would definitely recommend it and I want to try it for dinner sometime. I was also fortunate to attend the Mexicali Flashback Night, after going 10 years while I was in elementary school, high school, and college, it's so fun to hear stories from others who are still going down, changing lives, and learning more about themselves too (see video below).


The Hospital, The Wine, The Food, and The New

The last few weeks have been filled with the normal and the new. They started with a scare in Lodi when my grandma went to the hospital for a few days, luckily all is much better now. It was a great opportunity to hang out with her for a few days in Lodi though and I even got to read through the pretty impressive hospital room service menu. Her last room (after the ER and ICU) was also super nice, even included a great view of the courtyard in the hospital and she could see her house from the window.

There was also plenty of food, from eating out nightly in Lodi, to a wedding at the Capitol (and reception in downtown Sacramento), then to heading to Leatherby's with a friend for some much needed ice cream (and to use a Groupon). I also met a college in Woodland for drinks and dinner at The Burger Saloon, which was very good, so good that I might have to keep exploring the Woodland culinary scene every so often.

I also had the first dinner outside on my patio, went to Rock Hill Winer…