Beverly Hills Media Event

I had the opportunity to partner with Visit California at their media networking night at the Mr. C Beverly Hills hotel yesterday. After a quick flight, with two former colleagues (we had no idea we would all be on the same flight), to LAX I headed to the hotel. I enjoyed a fabulous lunch (Doge Salad with Ahi), got some work done in the lobby, and then headed up to the 12th floor to get ready for the event. The event gave me an opportunity to let Los Angeles based media know more about The Meritage in Napa Valley and make new connections with staff from other destinations, as well as talk to my friends at Visit California.

As the event wound down and everyone headed back home, I took Uber to my hotel in Marina Del Rey. Although I'd had some snacks, I needed some real food ... Untraditional Chicken Cobb Salad sounded fantastic, then the room service guy on the phone asked about dessert ... how could I resist a S'more Sundae? Yes, the ice cream sundae had Cinnamon Toast Crunch mixed in, it was spectacular. I ate, worked for a few hours, slept, woke up to work again, then enjoyed a quick breakfast, walked across the street to get a picture of the beach and harbor, then it was back to the airport for my flight home. All told, I was away from my house for 29 hours, a quick trip, but worth the time for the networking and new connections. Next I'm off to Napa, seeing Steel Magnolias at WJU, then Toronto for another media event, and down to Anaheim for meetings.
Photos for those with iPads.


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