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Celebrating One Year with Food, Friends, Family and Good Day Sacramento

Over the last two weeks I celebrated one year of MrAndrewBradley Communications with friends, family and Good Day Sacramento. On the actual anniversary I had dinner at a friend's house ... pasta, salad and a mouth-watering peanut butter dessert. On Friday I went to where my friend was house-sitting, we took a sunset walk around the neighborhood and saw the sunset over Folsom Lake before meandering back to the house where I cooked turkey burgers and we had dessert while watching a few episodes of 24. On Saturday my parents and I headed to Lodi to see my grandma and try out a new restaurant thanks to Groupon. Our tapas style lunch was a fun mix of flavors, all served in creative ways and paired with wine.

After all of that eating and a few burritos from Chipolte and Freebirds, I enjoyed a run, corned beef for St. Patrick's Day and then showed off the cooking skills of Chef Krisztian Karkus from The Meritage Resort and Spa on Good Day Sacramento. He took a traditional slider for…

Renovated Room and Women of the Vine

I headed back to The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa this week to meet with a few reporters and to attend the Women of the Vine event hosted by MORE Uncorked® (More magazine). On Thursday I checked in to my newly renovated room with a balcony and vineyard/pool view before meeting up with a visiting reporter from Southern California. We shared drinks and an appetizer at Crush Ultra Lounge before I headed to dinner at The Commons: A Wine Bar. The schnitzel sliders were fantastic and the desserts (Green Tea Crème Brûlée and Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake) were also great and I was glad I was able to share them.

On Friday, after a day of working I met up with my colleague who does social media for The Meritage for a Friday night wine tasting with the MORE Uncorked® group and guests of The Meritage (every Friday night all guests are invited to a complimentary wine tasting). After the tasting, we headed to the Trinitas Cellars Library for more wine tasting (and found out they have wine glasses tha…

Celebrating Peanut Butter and Pancake Days, Skiing and Friends

It was a week of varied experiences. I used my Chick-Fil-ACalendar Card for an order of free fries (and also ordered a wrap and ice cream sundae) while out to dinner with a friend, then joined my parents for the weekend at the Bradley Lodge. My dad and I got a beautiful day of skiing in at Bear Valley ... beautiful since so much snow had fallen. My mom and grandma went all out on dinner and we celebrated Peanut Butter Day with a dessert of Reese's Chips Ahoy Cookies and Reese's Peanut Butter Pie (funny part ... we had no idea it was going to be Peanut Butter Day in advance, we just already had those items and it made for a good excuse to eat them). On Sunday I met with with friends at Rolling Hills Christian Church for a night of worship and baptism and then we headed to dinner at Casa Ramos ... my plate of food was giant (I actually brought leftovers home). On Tuesday I found out it was Pancake Day and figured I should celebrate. I made a few pancakes for my roommates and me …