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The Freedom Project and Bayside's North Campus

I've been attending informational events and preview services over the last few months for Bayside Church's new North Campus. Eventually there will be a new church in Roseville at Blue Oaks and Highway 65, but for now the church is meeting at Whitney High School in Rocklin until its official temporary location opens near William Jessup University (Sunset and Highway 65). There was a walk through of the new official temporary location in June and another informational night with dinner at Bayside in Granite Bay that provided lots of great information about the future. Finally, last Sunday night the new campus hosted its first regular Sunday service.

Today, however was the official public launch of the new campus. It also launched a new sermon series ... The Freedom Project ... that will transform the lives of  many who attend church by helping them develop a personal mission statement and put their faith into action, while also freeing hundreds of young girls in Cambodia with …

Peanut Butter, Ice Cream and Pizza

After flying back from Austin, I knew it was time to head to the gym, Bayside's new North Campus in Rocklin and to visit Fresh & Easy one last time before it closed. Visiting the store was sad, the shelves were nearly bare, but the staff still had a smile. Yes, I got some good deals on what was left, especially on Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and a few Weight Watchers ice cream cones, but some of my favorite things were gone. The wine, the beer, the ready to cook meals, the pancake mix and the giant chocolate bars.

There was also time to connect with friends after being gone for a few weeks. I used a Living Social at Leatherby's for some of the best ice cream in the region (Farrell's is good too, but it's very loud, Leatherby's is better if you want to actually talk to the people you're eating with). Ice cream, especially when it involves a peanut butter sauce, for dinner and french fries for dessert might be a new favorite, if it didn't involve so…

San Antonio and Austin Visit

After Camp Bradley officially ended, I stayed at my parents house for a few days (so I could get a ride to the airport) and so we could eat at Fins Market ... it was a fantastic meal, I cannot wait to go back.

After my road trip to Austin, it was a nice change of pace to fly ... only took four hours instead of four days to get here. I arrived in Austin on-time (as did my bags ...  I was worried since I only had 20 minutes between connections in Phoenix). Right when we arrived we headed into Downtown Austin for Happy Hour at a Texas classic ... P.F. Chang's.

The next day I headed off with Ray from RazorSharp PR to San Antonio for the Live and Invest Overseas "Retirement Overseas Conference." It was fun to learn about the many options for retiring overseas ... everywhere from Belize to the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Ecuador, South East Asia and many more. I could see myself in Belize ... one new community has balconies on the front and back of the house for views of both the…

Camp Bradley 2013

After the projects were complete at Camp Bradley it was time to open the camp to the public. Over three days we had 37 guests, about half of which were five and under, at one time there were 11 kids in the "Lake Bradley" (the pool). We ate well, with pancakes, breakfast casserole, wraps, sandwiches, tri-tip, BBQ chicken with baked potatoes and desserts galore, including s'mores. This years field trip was to the California Automobile Museum, where we had a private tour done by my parents' neighbor ... always fun to see old cars worth $150,000+. Next year we will add one additional camper when my cousin has her baby girl, we hosted her first baby shower on Saturday. Luckily the rain waited until after everyone had left and everything was put away. It made for a great backdrop to our fish taco dinner though.
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