San Antonio and Austin Visit

After Camp Bradley officially ended, I stayed at my parents house for a few days (so I could get a ride to the airport) and so we could eat at Fins Market ... it was a fantastic meal, I cannot wait to go back.

After my road trip to Austin, it was a nice change of pace to fly ... only took four hours instead of four days to get here. I arrived in Austin on-time (as did my bags ...  I was worried since I only had 20 minutes between connections in Phoenix). Right when we arrived we headed into Downtown Austin for Happy Hour at a Texas classic ... P.F. Chang's.

The next day I headed off with Ray from RazorSharp PR to San Antonio for the Live and Invest Overseas "Retirement Overseas Conference." It was fun to learn about the many options for retiring overseas ... everywhere from Belize to the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Ecuador, South East Asia and many more. I could see myself in Belize ... one new community has balconies on the front and back of the house for views of both the sunrise and the sunset. It was also another chance to hang out on the River Walk ... we ate at an Irish Pub, Dick's (where the service is expected to be horrible, and it was ... the food was good though).  We also tried a small Mexican restaurant next near the River Walk that was very good and finished up the conference with a dinner at the Westin River Walk (Filet Mignon is a good way to finish up a trip, right?).

Once back in the Austin area, I had a great time hanging out with the entire Young family and even got to see a friend and her family who I hadn't seen since we were both in high school. We met up at a community water park that was super fun for the kids and even got in on the adults fun ... a good thing since it was a little hot out. We also did our fair share of eating out with lunches and dinners at various places in Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock. My favorites were Dos Salsas and two restaurants at The Domain Austin (think Santana Row in San Jose or a cross between the Galleria and The Fountains in Roseville) ... Cru (a wine bar) and BlackFinn (a sports bar ... we were there when Texas A&M was playing Alabama).

It was sad to say goodbye, but I was glad to see friends, help build a trampoline, make a chocolate pie, make late night trips to H.E.B. and have so many other fun experiences during my 11 days in Texas. On the way home I had a breakfast taco at The Salt Lick and got a great photo of Lake Tahoe from 36,000 feet ... tonight is the first time I'll be sleeping in my bed in 17 days.
For those on iPads, click here for photos.


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