Camp Bradley 2013

After the projects were complete at Camp Bradley it was time to open the camp to the public. Over three days we had 37 guests, about half of which were five and under, at one time there were 11 kids in the "Lake Bradley" (the pool). We ate well, with pancakes, breakfast casserole, wraps, sandwiches, tri-tip, BBQ chicken with baked potatoes and desserts galore, including s'mores. This years field trip was to the California Automobile Museum, where we had a private tour done by my parents' neighbor ... always fun to see old cars worth $150,000+. Next year we will add one additional camper when my cousin has her baby girl, we hosted her first baby shower on Saturday. Luckily the rain waited until after everyone had left and everything was put away. It made for a great backdrop to our fish taco dinner though.
To see photos from your iPad click here.


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