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Brew it Up! Part II

After brewing our beer about a month ago it was time to bottle and taste it. We headed back to Brew it Up! for "Beer Wednesday, Part II."  Over the course of about two hours the four of us were able to put our beer into 144 bottles, in a multi-step process.  First, we placed the bottle into a cool contraption, filled it with C02 for a few seconds, then added the beer.  Finally it was off to another machine to cap it and the bottle went into the box.

Finally the boxes were placed into the cars and we headed out. The 22oz bottles are great for any occasion. tonight I opened one while washing my car, it was nearly a dinner replacement.

Next up for me, an 11-night Royal Caribbean Cruise!

Making an Audience an Army (for good)

This Easter many churches will do incredible things for their communities and many more will take time to reflect on the miracle that inspired the day. It was three days prior that a Jewish rabbi was crucified, when the grave was empty 72 hours later, it became evident that Jesus was the savior.

This post however, is not just about faith or religion, it is about a church doing the most good for the community it represents. A community that feels demoralized by the potential loss of its NBA franchise, a community that struggles with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. A region where home foreclosures are at record levels.

How do you take a community that is dejected and mobilize an army to make a difference? Bayside Church has a plan. The church, which has a well known motto of "you don't give to Bayside, you give through Bayside," is going to make a difference for the future on Easter Sunday.  One Day, One Event, Three Causes. Bayside will bring together…

Happy Birthday Levi!

My youngest nephew, Levi, celebrated his birthday in style on Saturday ... at the park with lots of little ducklings in tow. The Redwood City bash was a great way to see family, meet friends and hangout with my favorite one-year-old nephew. From his smile to his quiet temperament he is truly special.

We decorated the park with balloons, dozens of rubber ducks and topped it off with an amazing cake (both in looks and taste). Stephanie (my sister-in-law's sister) and I documented the whole party, from setup to tear down (well okay, we left early to go to the gym), by taking hundreds of pictures for my brother who sadly couldn't attend (he was super sick) and of course for my blog.

After the party at the park we headed back to the house, opened the gifts and spent time with the family.  Levi, his friends and everyone else had a great time. We are all looking forward to another great year!

Also a reminder: My brother and his family will be finalists on America's Funniest Home V…