The Freedom Project and Bayside's North Campus

I've been attending informational events and preview services over the last few months for Bayside Church's new North Campus. Eventually there will be a new church in Roseville at Blue Oaks and Highway 65, but for now the church is meeting at Whitney High School in Rocklin until its official temporary location opens near William Jessup University (Sunset and Highway 65). There was a walk through of the new official temporary location in June and another informational night with dinner at Bayside in Granite Bay that provided lots of great information about the future. Finally, last Sunday night the new campus hosted its first regular Sunday service.

Today, however was the official public launch of the new campus. It also launched a new sermon series ... The Freedom Project ... that will transform the lives of  many who attend church by helping them develop a personal mission statement and put their faith into action, while also freeing hundreds of young girls in Cambodia with the help of Agape International Missions. Learn more about the Freedom Project here and watch the KCRA story below. If you're looking for a church, consider attending Bayside for the next seven weeks, if you miss a week, don't worry about it ... watch online.


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