Celebrating Peanut Butter and Pancake Days, Skiing and Friends

It was a week of varied experiences. I used my Chick-Fil-A Calendar Card for an order of free fries (and also ordered a wrap and ice cream sundae) while out to dinner with a friend, then joined my parents for the weekend at the Bradley Lodge. My dad and I got a beautiful day of skiing in at Bear Valley ... beautiful since so much snow had fallen. My mom and grandma went all out on dinner and we celebrated Peanut Butter Day with a dessert of Reese's Chips Ahoy Cookies and Reese's Peanut Butter Pie (funny part ... we had no idea it was going to be Peanut Butter Day in advance, we just already had those items and it made for a good excuse to eat them). On Sunday I met with with friends at Rolling Hills Christian Church for a night of worship and baptism and then we headed to dinner at Casa Ramos ... my plate of food was giant (I actually brought leftovers home). On Tuesday I found out it was Pancake Day and figured I should celebrate. I made a few pancakes for my roommates and me to enjoy ... I topped mine with berries and peanut butter.
Pictures for those with iPads.


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