Christmas Dinner

It all started with a trip to Costco (doesn't it always?). Monday at Costco I purchased Crush 29 gift cards and food for my dinner guests on Friday (pasta with Alfredo sauce, bacon, asparagus and shrimp). Tuesday I went to Crush 29 with some co-workers to celebrate a birthday and I got my Diamond Level pin from Royal Caribbean. Proof that the two things I enjoy a lot go hand and hand ... eating and cruising. The AugustineIdeas office got some new signage and decor on Thursday, it looks pretty cool with a new sign in the reception area and graphics on the cubicle walls. On Friday I had friends over for dinner, they enjoyed the wine, pasta and, of course, brownies. After cleaning my house on Saturday I headed to Bayside to watch them light their giant Christmas tree as they get ready to host their Christmas services later this month.


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