Food, Football and Filming

It was another fun week, even though the 49er's didn't make it all the way to the Super Bowl. I started out with dinner at Blue Nami and a movie with friends at the Palladio. On Friday I met my parents at Leatherby's for lunch and ice cream (the sacrifices we make in order to use a Groupon). On Saturday I headed back to Folsom with friends to use a coupon at Buffalo Wild Wings (my first time there), the boneless wings were the way to go for sure, all the different sauces were amazing too. For dessert we decided on PinkBerry ... fruit makes it healthy, right? On Sunday, after a long run, I headed to Cactus Mexican Dining in Woodbridge for lunch ... a shrimp and crab chimichanga ... with my parents and grandma before watching the 49er/Seahawks game.

On Monday I was in Napa at The Meritage Resort and Spa for a press tour, photo and video shoot. We got some great new shots and video from throughout the property from Crush Ultra Lounge to Blend to the Trinitas Cellars Tasting Room, Spa Terra, the amazing outdoor spaces and lots of great food shots at Siena. The next major event I'm looking forward to attending at the resort is Masters and Makers @ Meritage is coming up on February 14-16. It will be an opportunity to try a lot of different wines from throughout the Napa Valley and hopefully I'll learn a little bit more about wine, food and the Napa Valley.
See photos here.


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