101st Post - 22 hours in Las Vegas

Well after being in Sacramento for 19 hours after flying back from the cruise I was back at the airport and went to Las Vegas for a quick business trip. A co-worker and I headed to our hotel and then went to the Rio Carnival World Buffet (she had never been to a buffet in Las Vegas) and then lost some money at the slots. Today we both had separate events in Las Vegas, crazy to have two different events on the same day in Las Vegas, but hey, that's the life we lead. Although parts of Las Vegas had snow today, my partially outdoor event just had rain and lots of people braved the storms to come and see me. After our events we went to lunch at Gordon Biersch, our traditional after Las Vegas event restaurant and then it was off to the airport and back to Sacramento. After being in Sacramento for a total of about 50 (probably less) hours since before Thanksgiving, I think I will actually be in town for an entire week until I go to the Bradley Lodge for Christmas, simply amazing.


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