Food Trucks!

Top: Wicked'wich; Bottom: Drewski's
I had a fantastic time at Future Ford in Roseville tonight during the Food Truck Roundup. This weekly event brings together all of Sacramento's gourmet food trucks to a single place, allowing people like me to get a taste of what they have to offer. Since I had already had Mini Burger Truck (see blog post), I decided to try out three other trucks: Drewski's, Mama Kim's and Wicked'wich.

All of the food was delicious. @MamaKimOnTheGo offers truly gourmet food, I had a fresh cream puff thanks to @YetAnotherSusan. @DrewskisHotRod and @WichOnWheels both make amazing sandwiches, @lttlewys and I split sandwiches so we could try both (Pastrami and Korean Beef).

Read more: Articles from Roseville Press-Tribune and Roseville Patch.
Mama Kim On The Go
Drewski's Hot Rod


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