Sacramento's Gourmet Food Truck - Mini Burger

After watching the Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" last summer I was intrigued. The food trucks of today were not the "roach coaches" of yesterday, these offered the gourmet food one would expect at other fast casual restaurants,  but they were on wheels.  Sacramento got its own food truck a few weeks ago and today I got to experience it firsthand during their stop at the Roseville Automall.  I read the tweet, direct messaged a friend to see if she was up for trying a new "restaurant" and then it was off to find the truck.

I had the "3 Pack" with Sweet Potato Tots. All the food was truly amazing and reminded me a little bit restaurants like SmashBurger, but it had its own unique taste that set it apart.  Each burger was well cooked, the toppings made them spectacular. The bun was delicious and the Sweet Potato Tots were something I have never seen on a menu before.  I would definitely recommend heading to the Mini Burger Truck when it pulls into your neighborhood.  Head to their website to find out their schedule (although pay attention to Facebook and Twitter, because their schedule still changes day by day depending on weather and other factors).


Michele said…
great post Andrew. Makes me hungry! The sweet potato tots sound delicious.

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