Celebrating Birthdays and Easter

It has been a busy two weeks of birthdays, traveling, Easter, running and eating. I started off eating Mac & Cheese with friends, complete with a sundae from Chick-Fil-A, went to church for Palm Sunday (granted it was Saturday night), then enjoyed baked cabbage and Dickey's for dinner. On Palm Sunday I went to Sam's Club and Costco to start looking for glasses and ended up getting a couple of pairs at Costco, before heading to my brother's house to celebrate my nephew and mom's birthdays. After fish tacos, wine and cake on Sunday night, we went to Rubio's for more fish tacos on Monday before heading to Stanford Medical Center with my grandma for some quick tests (all is well). On the way home, we stopped at WinCo for my favorite fried chicken and potato wedges (I wouldn't want my mom to have to cook on her birthday).

Once back to my house, I was busy planting my garden for the spring/summer, and got to have lunch with a former colleague at Smashburger ... Peanut Butter and Jelly milkshake = tasty. With the stock market closed for Good Friday, I was able to work in the morning and then take the afternoon off to run and go through the Stations of the Cross at Bayside before dinner at The Habit (fresh albacore) and back to Bayside for my first of three Easter services. After the service we decided to have dessert ... lots of milkshakes (a theme for the week).

On Saturday I made a giant circle of the Sacramento region ... from my house in Roseville to the Sacramento Republic FC offices to pick up my season tickets with my parents, then we headed to Firestone Public House for lunch. After lunch I was off to the gym and took the opportunity to run along the American River. I was fortunate to run on the scenic trails all through high school and still have some nice places to run in Roseville, but it's always fun to get back to the American River Bike Trail. After the workout (and shower), I went to Folsom to have my new glasses fitted (they were both ready within five days of purchase, amazing) and then to Rolling Hills Christian Church for Easter Service number 2.

Sunday was busy, starting off with Bayside's first service at the Galleria at Roseville. The lineup was great with Lincoln Brewster leading worship, Francis Chan speaking and David Garabaldi painting a portrait of Jesus, but beyond that the message of what Jesus did through his death and resurrection was made abundantly clear. After the service I drove to Lodi to meet my family for our Easter celebrations (sorry, for some reason I didn't take too many pictures). There was an Easter Egg Hunt, plenty of food, lots of fun and great family memories were made.
Photos for those with iPads.


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