Where Have I Been ....

Well as many throughout Roseville (and especially my roommates) know, I have not been at Fort Bradley much over the past few weeks. About two weeks ago my brother called my mom and me saying he needed some help as they were moving out of their Mountain View house and into their Redwood City house. My mom and I helped paint over beautiful wall colors with a very ugly white in every room of the house and shampooed the carpets over the next two days.

That Friday we headed back from Redwood City, picked my Dad up in Livermore, traded cars in Sacramento, went back to Lodi and headed to the Bradley Lodge for the weekend. We stopped at the world famous Murphys Hotel (Mark Twain did a lot of work there) for my Dad's birthday and then enjoyed a great weekend at the Lodge. I was then in Roseville for a few hours before heading back to Redwood City to help unpack, organize, shop and build (O, how I loathe IKEA) furniture. While shopping with everyone, including Luke, I realized that not only does buying Luke a new toy from the movie Cars make him happy, so does my BlackBerry when it plays Cars clips on YouTube, he was fascinated for a few hours until the BlackBerry ran out of battery.

So that's where I have been lately ... still looking for a job though, so if you know of any PR, Marketing, Social Media type jobs, let me know. While I'm at it I will be attending Sacramento's 1st Annual "Social Media Weekend" November 6th and 7th, so if you're free and want to learn about Social Media, it will be a great opportunity.

Happy Halloween! (pictures: Fort Bradley's Front Porch and a stack of soda boxes at Wal-Mart in West Sacramento)


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