A Weekend at Fort Bradley

Although I wouldn't call it a typical weekend at Fort Bradley, it was a weekend filled with fun, laughter and guests. Saturday started out with me putting together a brand new piece of furniture from IKEA to hold an Eiffel Tower to fill an empty corner of my living room (it is where the Christmas tree goes one month a year). The rest of the day Saturday was spent with friends, working out at the gym, going to Bayside and buying a few bottles of wine at Sam's Club. Sunday started out with a pancake breakfast with my roommate and a friend, then we started watching football, drinking wine and ordered Round Table for lunch. Before the nacho course I decided to invite my favorite family with seven kids over to watch the 49er game. Once they arrived we enjoyed nachos, more pizza and more wine. Although my house got slightly messier than normal, it was great to host so many friends. The only thing that would have made it better ... a 49er victory.


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